Monday, April 25, 2005

My first Blog from S. Dakota

...or anywhere for that matter. I guess this could be my online diary and also a way for people to check up and see what I've been up to. Not that I'm that important or anything (ok I am) but still, it's just a nice way to vent my frustrations on not being in California anymore. I left Cali by choice to come back here to South Dakota and finish school. I hated it the first week I was here, but by and by life got better. I lived up on a hill outside of town and it was horrible, I called it Witch Mountain I will not say it's because of my Aunt that I was living with but because the weather was really weird and freaky and the wind blew at least 65mph every damn day!! *grin*
Well I now have my own apartment in downtown Rapid City, and it's great. Has a lot of character and is only $300 a month, yup for a one bedroom apartment, pretty spacious. So I'm registered for school, I got a cool job working in the State Archaeologists office and life is good.
I just miss California today though, I miss my momma, my family and real Mexican food. Oh man do I miss good Mexican food!! I would honestly consider buying a plane ticket and flying back for the weekend just so I could get a super burrito from La Estrella on Yosemite in Manteca...mmm...
Anyways, so life in South Dakota is an adjustment, hardly any minorities here and white people galore!! Lots of Natives, unfortunately you see them down at the park passed out, it's really sad. I have yet to see one white homeless person, but many Native homeless people, it's weird.
This is a republican, conservative RED state, so needless to say that I haven't had that many interesting conversations with liberals. So despite all that, I'm pretty content. I do miss the fast pace of California though and I do miss the convenience of...well...everything. I miss hoodlums and thugs, vatto's and cholo's, the East Indians in the 7-11's I miss them all!! Oh, last night I had a dream someone here at work told me they were going to open up a 7-11 here in town and I got SO excited, now that's sad. I guess I just miss the diversity. California is really a great place to live and you never really know that, until you move to a square state in the middle of the country.


  1. You're a dork who needs to call his best friend angela once in a while cause she misses ur dumb ass. SMOOCH

  2. Hey, Leo. Don't feel like you have to post this comment. You can delete it if you want after you read it. I just wanted to say that I am finally getting the courage to go back and read your blog entries. I have been reluctant up until this point, because I know you have had it rough at times. It will break my heart to read some of them, I'm sure, but I want to. So here I go. :D I hope I don't cry too much.

  3. LOL, it won't be that bad, I think. I tend to just say I've had it rough as opposed to giving examples on my blog. Have fun! ;0 peace