Wednesday, June 22, 2005

No surgery needed!!!

...but I do have to wear this sling contraption for the next 3 weeks!! Then I start my Physical Therapy. I guess my ball and socket are lined up ok, so let nature take it's course. Ok enough of that, it's friggin HOT! Not like Cali hot, but like North Carolina hot (or so I would assume) HUMIDITY!! UGH! I have no A/C and my apartment is at least 10 degrees warmer than outside and I have to wear this sling immobilizer WHICH IS MADE OF FOAM!!
I think there is a hex on me, first my shoulder, than my plexiglass side window flew off my car and broke in 3 places, then I was in our field supply room and a flourescent light bulb just blew up right near me. LAWD!! Is Cali calling me home !!?? 'cause I will come back... :-) I'm going to save up $84.00 to buy me an A/C for my place, I'm constantly sticky, never thought I'd miss 114 degrees of DRY heat! Ok typing with one hand is tiring. More later.


  1. oh yeah its ANGELA

  2. HONEY COME HOME! I'M now talking to my self since I have no friends ... I'm now bored of me ... CALL A SISTA!