Friday, July 8, 2005 much better

...well I have like 85% movement in my arm/shoulder so I can type with two hands now! Yippee!! You so take things for granted until you have one arm to work with, and I'm not talking like picking your nose while driving, I mean like cooking and bathing and shit. So I go back to the Dr. on Tuesday and I'm hoping he tells me I'm cured and to start physical therapy (which I kind of started on my own, you know the go-getter I am.) :-)
Well the problem is, I have a fracture in my arm bone, and it's only been 4 weeks (to the day actually) and doesn't it take longer than that for bone to heal? So my thing is, if they still want me to wear this sling, forget it. They are going to have to put a cast on my arm, because I keep taking this thing off! and I know I will continue to do so, so plaster me up!!
Other than that NOTHING has really been happening, except for this horrific HOT weather. I'll keep ya updated!

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