Tuesday, August 9, 2005

What a hectic three weeks

...I'm not sure where I could even start. In a sad sad circumstance I went back to California two weeks ago. One of my cousins passed away while some of my other cousins were here in S. Dakota on vacation. It was a really hard trip back. I'm glad that I went though, I felt I needed to be there.
Trying to get back here was insane! Reno had their hot august nights going on this weekend and my bus was always full or late and it just sucked. So I ended up driving back with my brother, we made it in 22 hours. Ugh! I was so tired when I got back, but I'm glad to be home. California is not for me anymore, I was depressed being back there, it's hot and dirty and to many people. I don't know, I mean I lived there for years and I liked it well enough, but being here is so much more... cleaner? laid back? yes I think I would have to use those terms. There is no place like Cali though, that I will admit.
I'm back now, work is chugging away, I'm waiting to register for school next week. Life moves on and I'm moving with it I guess. I went to the Sturgis Rally where there are like a bazillion motorcycles (and yet very few hot men) although if you want to see an older biker chick in a thong, Sturgis is the place to be this week. Although don't expect anything like the models in Low Rider magazine :-)
Oh yeah, my birthday is this week also, I'm so not even excited, no money to do anything. Oh well, just another day.
Until later

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