Friday, September 9, 2005

I need more time...

...there is not enough hours in the day. Between work and school and studying and trying to find time to walk and exercise, it's just not working. Ok what I need is an exercise bike, in my office, with a direct connection via my classes. I'd be set! I did clean my apartment yesterday though, I had to...flies. Nuff said. Anyways so that made me feel good and I didn't study AT ALL yesterday but I did do technically I'm still owed a ME day. This weekend in additon to work, homework and studying I'm supposed to go to a bbq that my friend is having. I missed her last one because I was studying so I "promised" her I'd make time for her this weekend. Should be an interesting bbq. Ok my co-worker just came up to me and said she had released a spider outside the size of a silver dollar! ugh! I hate spiders! I told her she should have killed it, I would have. Sorry, I know it's wrong, especially in my culture because Inktomi (the Jokester) often comes to you as a spider and you are soooo not supposed to kill them, but I do. A lot. Which probably explains my life and events. :-)
Oh yea, I dropped my Lakota language class. I mean this prof. had no syllabus, she didn't want us taking notes and there was no text book. She just expected us to learn through osmosis I guess, hell if I know. Anyways, if I'm already behind in my "self paced" math on earth does she think I will learn a language with no notes, textbook or basically any direction! *sigh*
Ok, time to do some work...I'm going to try and do a quote a day, I dunno why...just play along with me, I'm trying be inspired!
This is from a country and western song ('cause I'm so country now)it's called "get right with the man" by Van Zant. Anywho...the quote is: "if you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans..."
I like that. Ok I'm outtie.

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