Wednesday, March 22, 2006

What do I do now?

Well I'm done with school (for this semester) and basically all that studying time is now free time. I'm lost, there are no Olympics on, I have no cable and no more long hours here at the office figuring out how to do math problems while being timed online. I don't have any hobbies, no computer at home (thank goodness!). So I'm like in limbo right now. There are some books I want to read, but if I read then I just get to involved and stay up all night to finish the book. I need to learn how to put a good book down. The last book I read I finished at 3 in the morning. I put it down and went to bed, then snapped back on the light and just went at it. I had to KNOW what happened to these characters! I guess I could head back to the gym, but I really only like working out at night (I'm a night owl) but then it's even harder to fall asleep. Maybe I should try yoga? Yoga is good for your core and peace of mind. I dunno...gotta think of something...I can only watch so much tv!

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