Thursday, April 6, 2006

Give me a break! now the gay media "watchdogs" have a problem with the new Dodge Caliber commercial

I think it's a cute commercial (as it was intended to be) and saw nothing homophobic about it at all.

"...said spokeswoman Suraya Bliss.

"We were pretty surprised that there are individuals that are making the conclusion that sexual orientation can be determined by the type of clothes you wear and the type of dog that you're walking," Bliss said.

"Are they suggesting that men that wear colored shirts are gay … or that all gay men dress alike? What we would ask someone to do is look at the ad for what it is," she said. "The ad is about the Dodge Caliber, which is a small car that stands apart from the competition because of its aggressive styling, styling that's anything but cute -- the tagline for the campaign."

Ok I don't know if the people who run these gay watchdogs were called names a lot as kids and bullied or what? I mean this is not offensive to me, or maybe I wasn't bullied enough to be upset by the term fairy...or worse yet not to know the difference between a fantasy figure and a sexual slur. In any case, you can decide for yourself.

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