Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Today's Weather

...is going to be cold!! So yesterday it was 80 degrees at 6pm. I had a meeting up at Desperado's in Hill City to meet the rest of the crew before the restaurant opens next week. I was there two hours, had a great time meeting with everyone and walked outside to my car in the middle of a thunderstorm! I swear, it was like Armageddon out there! Rain, wind, lightning, thunder...it was insane! Two hours earlier and you could have been drinking a beer on the porch in your boxers and now it was like this furious storm must pummeling everything in it's path. So I hop in my little itty bitty Honda and begin the 26 mile drive home, it took me like an hour. I had to drive through the Black Hills to get home, so it's all curvy mountain roads, which was fine. I mean the rain drops were the size of quarters and the wind was blowing STRAIGHT into my windshield, but I could handle it. Until it started to hail, and not cute pea size hail but like gumball size hail, yeah, I was gripping the steering wheel a bit tighter. I couldn't see anything!! I felt like I was in a dryer with a bunch of rocks! It was crazeee!! I'm sorry but I'm from CA and the weather there is pretty consistent and this shit was just freaking me out. Needless to say I did make it home ok and was ready for a valium, but I don't believe in pills so I opted for some chamomile tea instead. After all this? Well today is a Winter Storm Warning! 4-8 inches of snow, wind gusts up to 60 MPH! WTF!! So in any case, tonight will be cold and so today it's all about hotties to take my mind off of it!

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  1. Who is boy number 2? Just my type, CA white boy with blue eyes and dark hair. I didn't know you live in the black hills? Nice. Is the jewelry any cheaper there? I'd like some earrings.

    Sorry to hear about that horror movie weather. At least you admit that you are a CA boi through and through.