Tuesday, May 2, 2006

The 2nd job...

...so I started my 2nd job this weekend and I had a blast. The whole cowboy theme of the restaurant was actually really fun. Everyone I work with is really nice and I think we all clicked together very well. Although, I was tired! I'm a white collar boy so to stand on my feet and serve food for 9 hours two days in a row pretty much stopped me in tracks. I won't even tell you where I hurt and ached, but I feel MUCH better today! It's hard to believe people actually do this for a living 40+ hours a week! Props to them! Nothing new going on, my future roomie is still looking for a place but I'm going to just chill on that part of it. I was getting anxious about the whole moving thing but I think I'll just relax and let nature take it's course. I feel bad because my school advisor has been emailing me asking when I'm going to sign up for next semester and I have yet to tell her, I'm not going. I kind of had this little dilema last week about the whole reason I even MOVED here to S. Dakota. Besides school, it is where I'm from and my family etc. one of the reasons I moved here was to learn my language, or actually become fluent in my language and while I did try my first semester, it hasn't really worked out. I ended up dropping that class after the first two weeks because my prof. was an idiot and I wasn't learning a thing (she didn't even give us textbooks, vocab lists...nothing). So 2nd semester I took a full schedule and my language class wasn't offered and I busted my ass to finish all my courses (took them all online) by March 15th, which I did. I thought I would be back in California by this time to be honest. Anyways, back to Lakota language. I kind of feel like a failure that I didn't try and do more to learn it, or inspect other avenues that I might have taken to learn the language. They do offer a class at OLC (Oglala Lakota College) that I could have taken but I didn't even think to look into it, I lost sight of the reason I moved back here. So last week, I tell my future roomie about my hesitation (who of course freaked out) and then gave me the whole guilt trip about how if I don't move back, she's stuck in renting a room for the next 5 months. I don't know if I honestly believe that (she just got a FAT raise) but in any case, I decided against staying and instead moving back to Cali. When my parents and aunts and uncles pass, they language dies with them and that makes me sad. I'm not good at decision making and I just really wonder if I made the right choice in this decision. I think I would really just need a semester and I could learn the grammar from my dad and aunts who are fluent. Well, we'll see I guess.


  1. I sooo did not give you a guilt trip & you know it. I calmly reminded you of the agreement/promises we have made and asked you to think about how important this was to you considering you had forgotten about it over the next 3 days and then give me a final answer :) Remember?

  2. Um, I was drunk, me remember neeething!