Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Kevin Federline: Lose Control

Kevin Federline: Lose Control Official Music Video

Ok, I'll be the first...I'm going to put Kevin Federline on my blog, I may be the first gay blog to do this, but I like the song. He can dance and I like the song. Deal with it.

Monday, October 30, 2006


...I love this show. As I mentioned before, I am into the whole super hero thing. Fantastic 4, X-Men, The Matrix, even Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. I love the fact that these characters have these "powers". Ok, so tonight we know a little bit more about Niki (Ali Larter), I still do not know what her super power is though, I mean to me it's like she just has a split personality! Sorry I don't do recaps, but it was a really good episode and next week........... THEIR SECRETS ARE OUT! I think Niki's son also has powers...I'm sorry I mean "talents"...because his father does, yes Niki's husband is back in the picture and it seems he can blend into things or go through them. As usual, the trailer for next week gave me chills. For the first time....there is a pic of a very attractive woman on this blog...please don't boycott me. I have a room to clean, laundry to do and it's already late...so this is it, I promise better tomorrow! ;-) peace

Ali Larter

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Today's Weather...

...has been windy!! And with wind, you need something to calm that wind...so...I bring you Joseph Sayers...some of these pics you may have seen, but...does it really matter?? (ok, there ARE some new ones) ;-) peace

Thursday, October 19, 2006

The Internet...

...is evil! So I'm home, long day at work and I'm watching Ugly Betty (I'm so late on jumping on this bandwagon!) and I realize, I haven't ate much today. So I check the fridge and cupboards and nothing looks appealing, so I sit back in front of the TV...and I see a Papa Johns commercial...more importantly, I see "order online" in the Papa John's commercial. *sigh* Ok so my pizza is on it's way.
#1) There is no reason to be eating pizza after 7pm before bedtime!
#2) While I'm paying $23.00 for this pizza (and chicken wings) I could have driven my
lazy ass to Jack in the Box and got two tacos for .99 cents!
#3) I should not EVEN be eating pizza!
#4) You don't get six pack abs from ordering pizza online at 10pm. at night!!
just doesn't happen!

*sigh* I'm only eating one piece and two chicken wings!!!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

It's all about The Eyes...

...so purty!! So my boss is out of town this week, which is good because I can get more done...on the other hand...she generates work for me....it's Wednesday, slloowww! It's a good thing though, I can kind of go and meet other people in the company and find out who is who. Other than that, not much to report OK! I sooo thought there would be more to talk abou, moving back to CA , but no...nothing so far. To entertain myself, I've been checking out places in Denver. You know I can't stay in one place TO long! ;-) peace

Sunday, October 15, 2006


...is the best techno song ever! Ok, I know it's old, been around for years...but I just can still just dance my ass of to it! Does anyone know how/if I can post songs to this blog? I have this great mix to Sandstorm that I want to share. Oh, ok NOT liking CA any better..but today, tonight, I went to the Sacramento gay and lesbian film festival and saw a film by Q. Allan Broka called Boy Culture, I liked it. I think I liked Eating Out better, but this was also a good film. ;-) peace
Some pics from Eating Out, which I saw at the Fresno Gay and Lesbian Film Festival...a few years ago.

Friday, October 13, 2006

The Truth Comes Out..

...I don't think I'm happy here. Ok, I know I'm not. Everything is different now, it's like I got away and recouped and centered myself and now that I'm back...I find why I had to do that in the first place. Family, friends, the stress and hustle and bustle...it's a lot. Don't get me wrong I'm glad to be out of South Dakota, but maybe I should have picked someplace else, like Denver, or Seattle or something. Since I've been back I've accumalated a lot of debt, I've had two panic attacks (ok! thought I was having a heart attack, but I used to have them in the early 90's so I knew what they were, I just used to be able to stop them before.) Not feeling as close to my family anymore, I mean I love them dearly, but they wear me out. As for friends, I love my friends but as time went on, we all spread out. So like, what the hell am I doing here? Ooohhh MONEY...yeah, I make very good money...yeah that's it...hmm...and by the time I pay everything off, I'll be just old enough to buy me a retirement share in Florida. Shit. Ok so I'm not depressed, but I am unhappy. People get those two confused, if you are depressed, I'm assuming it's hard to change that or make it better, you feel powerless. If you are unhappy...well, make yourself happy, change your environment, your job, your partner...your life. I would think that applies to depression also, but the friends I have who take meds for depression say it's not that easy. I have "moments" when I think I'm depressed, but honestly, sunshine flows outta my ass normally and I don't think I've been depressed since 1996 when the German bastard and I broke up and before that...high school...cliche~ I know. So my problem now is...what do I do? I promised my roomie six months of staying here so she can pay off her bills, don't know if that will happen but I promised. Although she is chomping at the bit to take off herself to Tracy, CA (OK!) no one moves to Tracy at will...out of necessity (like if you commute to the Bay Area) maybe but not like...I am SO moving to Tracy! ;-) Also, my job I have now, well the project ends in Feb. which is perfect timing because that will be my six months, so I'm trying to think of what I do after that? I really want to go to bartending school (don't laugh) but it could be good money and hello...it's a bar! On one hand, it's something I want to do, on the other hand I have people telling me I'm to smart to do that job and to finish my degree. Honestly, though? I really am not into working the 8-5 in an office anymore, or wearing slacks and button up shirts and all that. My favorite job was when I became a waiter, seriously. I quit a job as a Regulatory Analyst and became a waiter, oh my parents weren't thrilled but I was A LOT happier. It's like I can be successful in business, but would rather punch a time clock... OK!Ok I just scrolled up and realized this is the longest and most personal posting I've ever done.
I actually feel better now, I was on the way home from my parents place tonight (a two hour drive, after work, in rush hour traffic) and I really needed to vent and blow off some steam...but how? My friends are sick of me saying I think I made the wrong move so I couldn't talk to anybody about it, and then I thought of my blog. MY blog, it's mine I should be able to write what I want right? Oh yes, I love posting hot guys but at the same time I could also have a cathartic experience posting what I'm going through, so...I think I will. The blog, from here on, may be tweaked a bit but I think I need to do it for me, damnit it has to be about me! LOL ;-) So on that note, here are some cute guys...albeit sad guys...but kind of like me. ;-)peace

and of course, I couldn't upload all the pics I wanted to, stupid blogger! Oh...well it is Friday the 13th~!

Monday, October 9, 2006

The Covenant...

...was hot!! Ok the movie was ok, but the guys in the movie was well worth the ticket price. I love movies where people have powers, like I love X-men and Heroes etc. so this movie fulfilled that. The guys were gorgeous and the swimming pool scene?...oh...yeah...so buying the DVD. Enjoy these pics of the stars of The Covenant Steven Strait, Sebastian Stan,Taylor Kitsch and Chace Crawford. ;-) pe

Sebastian Stan

Toby Hemingway

Chace Crawford

Taylor Kitsch

Steven Strait

Thursday, October 5, 2006

It's all about the Eyes

Life is getting better, still not saying I'm glad I moved back...but it's getting better ;-) peace

Tuesday, October 3, 2006

Happy Tuesday

Ok, so today I got my paystub and I'm making more money than I thought I was...so that's a great thing!! I'm adjusting, STILL not sure if this was the right move, but I'm here so I'll deal with it. So now, it seems my roommate wants to move (ooohh aaahh) yes, I committed to her for six months and now she wants to hightail it out of here! Ya know what? I'm soooo ok with that. She needs to see the world and experience what life has to offer. She's been in Sacramento for like 11 years and knows nothing else, she's been at her job since she was 19 (gasp!). I'm not worried, I may keep the place or move to Midtown...doesn't matter, I always make it work but Miss Mantoan, I think she needs to go...I think she, finally, needs to live...so no hatin here. Besides, if she wants... I can do the move with her, we all know I'm not above moving and trying something new! Ok it's to Tracy (yes I said Tracy) or Santa Clara (that's a LOT better). So who knows, I don't like life planned or prepared for me, it's kind of fun to see what's around the corner...sometimes ya like, and sometimes ya don't...so ya just go around the next corner! ;-) peace