Friday, March 30, 2007

Ode to Vanilla Ice...

...yes, I think he is HELLA FINE! Hey, I posted Kevin Federline before, I can do Vanilla Ice. Some pics, a video and thinking he should have been a model. ;-) peace

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Today's Weather...

...was cold! ugh! aren't we in summer yet?! Oh wait it's spring, but not in Cali..there are only two seasons...summer and winter! In any case, it was cold and gray this morning...but it got better. So I decided to stay at my job for three more weeks, as asked. I like the position, the people I work with etc. So why not? Happy Hump Day to all! ;-) peace

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Annnnd it's Sunday...

...weekend is over. I went out last night with my girl Mecca, it was her birthday. We had a great time, got tore up and had a lot of fun! Girl is crazy!! Woke up this morning with a mad hangover!! That always happens with her! She a bad influence, dang, bitch is older now...needs to restrain! :-) Ok here is the last of my faves...have a great Work Week! ;-) peace

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Happy Saturday!~

I did nothing, well I did a lot of driving and visited my cousin for a bit.She said I looked great and not lose another pound! LOL, I was like oh no, I got the whole body image complex, I still got a ways to go! :-) actually a few more pounds and I'll feel great! As promised here are some more of my faves. Along with a video of the Gay Pimp (oooooh, it's lik Bonus Night!!) ;-) have a great weekend! ;-) peace

Got Damn!! After I posted I was like, shit, these really are my faves! whew!!

Friday, March 23, 2007

The meeting of all meetings... was my Judicial Council meeting. The meeting I have been planning for over a month, the meeting in which I had to facilitate, I did the agenda, I researched all material for the agenda...I worked my ASS off to get this quarterly meeting together. *drum roll* it went GREAT! People flew in from around the state for this meeting and it went so well. I knew my content, I was able to answer all questions with confidence and the meeting ran smoothly. 6 hours...but it flew by. I feel great, I really feel like I did the best I could and it paid off. Now, why is this such an accomplishment? Well at the last quarterly meeting in January, I "sat in" as a trainee with the person who is the judicial council manager(the person I am covering for) and the council was asking me questions! I knew nothing, I was not familiar with the processes or the code of ethics of our organization...nothing. So it felt great to be in the leading role and just rock it! So it was a long day and a bit stressful but very self fulfilling and I'm so glad it's Friday! Next Friday is my last day on this assignment and not sure what I do after that...should be interesting to see where I go next! So I got an email from a reader the other day who said he loved the pics and which ones were my favorite? Hmmm..I felt a sense of de ja vu because I think I did this a few months ago, but ya blog, my we go (maybe again). Have a great weekend all! ;-) peace

Some of my faves!


Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Burn out...

...that is what happened with my job. So, I took the last two days off and went bowling and bought a bowling ball! My very first, it's so purty...and I had my name engraved on it! lol I still can't beat an 88 though. My highest is 109, don't laugh, I'm just beginning! I need to find a bowling mentor! My brother, who also took up bowling recently, is at like 169 and he laughed at me and said how does one only do an 88? Um, well when I do like two frames of gutter balls...that really effects my score! I like my new ball, I have more control with it, I just need to get better before my bro comes down to challenge me! My next venture? Golfing! Yes, I went golfing with my bro over the Thanksgiving break and I loved it, but haven't went again. I need friends who are into what I am into, well at least a little bit. So I think I'll post an ad on craigstlist, you just have to be careful of the crazies though. ;-) peace
p.s. Click for bigger huge gargantuan detailed pics. :) which is why I picked them, y'all know I got a thing for hairy legs! ;-)

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Gawd, is it Sunday already....?

Really, why can't we work four days and have three off? I mean the Europeans get like a whole month off during the summer for vacation!! Today was a gorgeous day, I went to the huge flea market here in Sacramento to look for a garden hose, a backpack and a bamboo plant. Yes, they sell new stuff too! ;-) Well I found the garden hose. I must say that there were a lot of mexican cowboys y'all know I love me some cowboys, but I love the mexican mexican friend says they are called Tejanos...which means like Texas something or any case..the eye candy was nice. I also saw like this 17 year old stick boy with makeup on selling AVON...weird. He seemed nice though when I walked by his booth, although I did turn down the offer of trying their new state of the art moisturizer. I hope he gets more business. I also saw two lesbians holding hands as they walked around, they were latin also and I admired their openess. All in all it was a good day, I felt like I needed some life around here so I bought a plant. Not an indoor plant but an out door plant that is pretty and supposedly rugged and loves the sun! If I can keep that alive, I'll get an indoor plant. :-) Tomorrow starts the work week, my big meeting is Friday and I'm not as concerned as I was earlier, which is funny because you stress yourself out over something and then you're like mmm...nah..not to important. I worked my ass off on getting this together, that's all I have. I will facillitate it to the best of what I know and that is all I can do. So, maybe an easy week? One could wish.
Have a great week everyone!
(I couldn't find my these will have to do)
;-) peace

Friday, March 16, 2007

Happy Friday!

Ok, I can't believe I didn't blog this week, I was sure I did, but with work it's been so crazy. Other than the work week being insane not much going on, tomorrow I go see my parents and looking forward to that. Other than that, just enjoying the nice weather! Have a great weekend! ;-) peace

Monday, March 12, 2007

Today's Weather...

...was gorgeous again! I think it hit 82 or something. I loved it. I took all three breaks at work (instead of none and eating at my desk during lunch) and went for walks around the Capitol gardens, it was heaven. Won't be long before it's way to hot to walk in the afternoons, that's ok...I'll just take a wifebeater to work so I don't mess up my dress shirts for work! ;-) Nothing new to report, I went to the local gay club this past weekend as it was their grand reopening. I guess they now have two stories, a pool, another dance floor etc. Well, the line was so long and we got there so late, that they were at full we didn't make it in! I'm ok with that, I prefer straight bars anyways. I found out that there is a little irish pub around the corner from the gay club, soooo...when my friends want to go out I can make my appearance at the gay club, then sneak off to the pub and shoot darts! Life is good. I spent the weekend with my family and had a great time... EATING! Seriously, that's all I did with them was eat! This is why I only see them occasionaly. Not because I don't enjoy their company but because they like to eat and I have a low resistance to saying no to my moms cooking! So today was back on the diet and all the walking. I'm like 8lbs from my goal weight so I'm not to worried about it. Oh and I saw my sister this weekend, first time in a long time (like how I always say "nothing new to report" and then I go on and on? lol). Well as those of you who read sister is a drug addict and so I don't get to spend as much time with her as I would like. She uses for awhile and then she'll go a week without using and get in touch with us. It's a sad relationship, but she has kids and we take the opportunity when we can. So I got to see my baby niece this weekend and when I pulled up to my sisters place, Skylee went crazy hollering Uncle! Uncle! LOL broke my heart. She's two and the sweetest thing. Oh, and Heroes? NOT ON UNTIL APRIL 23RD!! So I'm doing a Charmed marathon until then thanks to my blockbuster online account. I know, life is hard. ;-) peace!

Friday, March 9, 2007

Joseph Sayers, oh I need it!! has it been a week since I've checked in?? hmmm...ok, mental note, take a vacation day!! Work has been insane, my deadline for my Judicial Council meeting is winding down. I've been busy with that...and um...well...that's all! ugh! Talk about a bad life/work balance. In any case, all is well, I'm anxious to get this meeting planned and put together. Today was a shitty day, ever had like a really shitty day? Bank was a bitch, cell phone bill was to much, gas light came on, house almost caught on fire the other night (dryer issues, don't worry we had an electrician set us straight)...I just accumulates! So ya know, I need me some Joseph, I need me some short fine ass man to just end the week right. I'm not sure but I think he is 5'6", but does it matter? Man is still fine! Have a great weekend and I promise to try and come back tomorrow! ;-) peace

Monday, March 5, 2007

Today's Weather...

...was warm and breezy, it was a beautiful day here in California!! I had so much energy today and was very productive! Well maybe 'cause I took the day off! LOL but a lot of errands done was just recharged by the sun. The best Monday I've had in a long time! ;-) peace

It was a great day to:

To play some B'ball!

or stroll down a city block...

...or even in the park...

...not sure about the lake, but it would have been nice to try...

...or just hang out with friends!!