Sunday, August 26, 2007

On Vacation!

Hey All...sorry, been on vacation the past couple days and will be until Wednesday. I'm in Oregon with my brother playing golf and bowling and enjoying the beach! Be back soon!! With Lots to tell! ;-) peace

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Random Thoughts...

...So here in Rancho Cordova, CA for some reason there is a big Russian with that. I live around the corner from a park/school and the other day I was on my way to work and I stopped at the stop sign in front of the park. I looked over and there were 3 old(er) Russian women, complete with scarves and dresses and sweaters. Well two started running across the park and they were racing and laughing and the third one watched and clapped them on. So I'm sitting there watching them and the two ladies are laughing and smiling as they race each other! For real...they were OLD and I don't meant like 50 but older, like you wouldn't expect them to move that fast. Well not that they were, but it was just so...enlightening? I'm on my way to work...I'm thinking of this meeting I have to be on, I'm wondering if I paid my insurance for this month and I'm tired 'cause I tossed and turned all night. One of my credit cards lost my payment and my car is running a bit rough...all this BAGGAGE I'm carrying!! And here are these older woman racing in the park with their granddaughters watching and they are laughing and smiling...big boobs sloshing side to side...head scarves blowing in the wind. I forgot all my problems right then, and I wondered about their life. I had seen them in the neighborhood before, heard them speaking Russian walking their grandkids to the school around the corner. What have THEY been through...where did THEY come from and how was it for them to leave where THEY came from? I, not small but just humbled. Yes, I have a lot going on, I have baggage, I have stress and I've been through some shit myself. The questions I asked myself? When is the last time I raced someone through a park and laughed while doing it? When was the last time I expressed just pure joy, like they were doing? It was hilarious to watch but at the same time...just so...pure...pure goodness. It was Wonderful. ;-) peace

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

America's got Talent winner!

Terry Fator won! He is the ventriloquist who does impersonations. This is the first video where he won me over. It's just amazing, ok it's one thing to do ventriloquism but to do impersonations?! It's just amazing. On another note, I'm kind of proud of the American people...I am a reality TV junkie, yes I am. So you think you can dance...I so thought Neil would win because let's face it, he is hot!! Sabra won though and she should have...I also thought people would vote for Cas Haley because he's been singing for so long and he has a baby and wife. Okay, great...fine...and he is wonderful performer but I thought he was tugging at America's heartstrings, I'm so glad America voted for the true talent! Oh don't worry about Cas, he'll get a record deal 'cause he is awesome also! So without further ado...and this isn't even his best...but it was the performance that first awed me...America's new favorite act...Terry Fator!!
;-) peace

Friday, August 17, 2007

My Friday night

I'm 30 something years old, it's Friday night and this is what I'm watching! I'm a nerd, I KNOW this! lol, but I'm ok with it, hope everyone is having a good Friday night! lol ;-) peace

Thursday, August 16, 2007


YES, she won So You Think You Can Dance! she was the best dancer by far! I love when things go the way I want them! Oh, wait..not about me.. :) congrats Sabra! ;-) peace

The Final Two

Sabra and Danny! They are the best dancers but I thought Neil was going to win 'cause he is hella cute, glad America voted the right way! Yes, I'm a nerd. One more post...for the WINNER!

I'm such a nerd...

...does anyone watch So You Think You Can Dance?! Tonight is the season finale and I'm like sniffling! For real...I've been watching since the beginning and the top 20 are back on and all my favorite dances are being danced again as well as my favorite performers! It's like a trip down dance memory lane!!
Yes, it's little non-important things like this that excite me and make me happy! LOL
I'm so simple... ;-) peace

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

I just wanted something pretty!

B'day was good, work is good, everything is Wonderful...let's just look at hot men ok?! Nothing political, heartfelt or socially aware...just cute hot men! ;-) peace

Sunday, August 12, 2007

B'day Post....

...yes today (yesterday?) was my birthday, I had a good time. Ok, my friend Mecca came over and we went to a casino and on the way back, we passed through Drytown. For real, that was the name of the town, Drytown! Our first inclination was to speed through it! but then we saw a bar called Drytown Pub, so yeah...we stopped. It's logo? Find The Wet Spot in Drytown!! LOL for real! We found it, they were so nice there. Mecca is black, I'm native and yeah...we are definitely a mixed couple. So we walked in and there are like five people, all white...that's cool..we are open minded! :) They were so friendly though and there was a band that was playing blues, it was a good time. I think the population of Drytown is like 45! They were nice though, so we stayed for a minute and then came back to Sacramento, where we went to Happy Bar. Um that bar was Happy but only had like 7 people, 5 of them neither of us liked that! So we headed out and went to another spot, called Your Place...that was cool...they had Karaoke and some cute men. Then we got bored and went to Louies, but they wanted a 10 dollar cover, um, no not for Louies! So we went to a billiard hall and that is where we ended our night! I had fun, she was hit on... I was hit on...a nice b'day actually. So good night to all, and even though I am officially old (oh hell been OLD for awhile) I had fun. ;-) peace


Wednesday, August 8, 2007

More Importantly....

...I love the Eyes below, and the men and I've posted...thoughts on lunch with my mom and my friend being jumped...all good (to me). Scott is back. I cower in awe. ;-) bout time the bitch is back...taking time off to "find himself" you know he took some bad peyote from them southwestern Natives and has been tripping for two months!! ;-) peace

It's All About the Eyes

Been awhile since I posted some nice eyes!! I took the day off, had a dentist appointment and then decided to go visit my parents. It was a good day. I took my mom to lunch at an Indian restaurant (no, not MY type of India) mom had never tasted curry before...and she no longer eats hot foods. So uh her response "this is hot!, why am I's like my brain is on fire!" LMAO, I love my mom. She trooped on though and she ate almost everything on her plate. Since it was a buffet I went up and got more chili chicken, butter chicken, lentil curry and lentil soup. She um, she went and got white rice, some lettuce and tomatoes and tandoori chicken with no sauce. You have to remember my mom is from the reservation and has never really tried any other type of foods. I introduced her to Won Ton soup about 6 years ago and she loves it! LOL, next weekend I'm thinking of taking her to Mongolian BBQ.
Enjoy the pics and hope everyone is having a good week. ;-) peace

Sunday, August 5, 2007


So a friend of mine who is also my best friends nephew, got jumped last night. Yes, he walked his girlfriend home and was headed back to his car when he got jumped by 15 guys, who took turns jumping up and down on his head, as the girls went through his pockets and robbed him, THEN the skanks had the nerve to ask him if he had anything else on him they could take!! *shaking head*
Let me tell you this, when these no dick, saggy assed mothefuckers had to make themselves feel good to jump one kid who was doing no wrong, well that just shows the mentality of these wanna be "gangstas". Oh I heard, they all had handkerchiefs over their faces, like they gonna do something hard. Rob a bank? No. Rob a liquor store and run out with booze? No. What they fake ass, posin pussies did, was jump a sweet boy on his way to his car after he walked his girlfriend home. They broke every window in his car and caved the roof in and kicked in all the body panels. Then them trick ass fast ass bitches had to go and rob him of what little he had. I'm pissed, his aunt is pissed and it's just wrong. He has no hair on the side of his head where he was dragged and kicked into the pavement. His head is twice the size of normal and both of his eyes are swollen. He is lucky to be alive. Oh, and then...they had the nerve to put it all on video. So is this their thing? Is this what they do in their pitiful ass lives to make themselves feel powerful? hard? and the girls with them? How do they feel? Like they are a part of something? Like they have an important role 'cause their men are weak and this will make them feel loved? No...unfortunately, none of that is true. The men are weak and the girls are just punk ass bitches. These are people who are ignorant, oh hell that's to nice, they are stupid with no class and no morals. I heard how people were egging them on "kick him, hit him etc..." yeah, you wanna talk about weak? Weak people, say that shit. Weak people, can't think for themselves and weak people...did this to my friend. Oh, they strong in numbers, but let one of them, hell...two of them...try and pull this off alone, it would never happen. Hell, I wish I was there...15 or not, someone would get hurt, I guarantee you. So here's the thing, there is a reward for anybody who knows who did happened in Stockton, between 2:30 and 4:00 a.m. this morning (Sunday), it happened at the library next to John Adams School on Inglewood and Ben Holt, behind the old Naughty Nicks. Come on somebody saw something. Do it for the reward, do it because it's the right thing to do, just do something. I also heard this is happening often in Stockton...let's end it now, before someone they left him to do. Oh, one more thing...for all you weak ass punk ass pussy motherfuckers who did this? It's gonna be on the news...4 channels. Scared yet? You should be, and if nothing comes of this post...if no one steps up and says nothing...for every person there. For every person who watched my friend get his head stomped on and his car kicked in, take a good look at your family, your parents, your grandparents, your friends...yourself. Because if I can't fix it, if I can't bring those who did this to justice, karma will. So when you're scared as you watch someone you love struggling for life...remember what you did and remember where you were. Fix it now, do the right thing.
p.s. yes, this is going on craigslist in stockton.

Friday, August 3, 2007

Wow, been awhile...

...since I've last blogged, my bad!! I would like to say I met the man of my dreams and have been whisked off on an European vacation, but in, just working..A LOT! Work is good and I'm looking forward to my vacation coming up in a few weeks with my brother, we're going to golf and bowl and go to Tahoe. My friend Greg found out today his liver is going, so that was a sad phone call of course. I'm thinking of moving to Denver to be closer to him, it's something I'm mulling over right now. Everything else is going well, just the same ol same ol. I have some different subjects I will blog about soon, I just have to figure out how to put it down in words. Hope everyone has a good weekend! ;-) peace
Oh, flipping through the channels (which is how I found Kyle XY among a few other faves) I found, the Two Coreys on A n E (um for some reason I can't type an ampersand, Blogger doesn't take it, weird). Ok, who remembers the Two Corey's from Lost Boys? They're my age but I was more into Jason Patric, how fine was he! With his beautiful eyes and his bad boy attitude! Oh, ok back to the Two Coreys, they were definitely cute, I always thought Haim was cute and adorable. Well in the new series...I have to say, I'm thinking Feldman is hot...maybe 'cause he's grown and a man now. I dunno, in any case NEW REALITY SHOW to add to my tv time! lol

The Two Coreys Trailer

and some hot Jason Patric