Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Hillary Clinton...

...just saw her speech at the DNC in Denver. Impressive and still wished she would have received the nomination. ;) peace

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Closing Ceremonies...

...and now I'm watching the closing ceremonies. It's been quite the Olympics and I'm exhausted from staying up til 1 or 2 a.m. each night, but I manage...for my country you know. LOL. I'm amazed I know so many people who don't watch the Olympics or just one event, I am there from beginning to end for two weeks every four years! My dream would be to actually go to an Olympics, the next one is in London...not on the top of my list of places to visit but then again, it IS the Olympics. Has anyone ever been to an Olympics? How does it work with the ticket buying?
So I was going to go and post hot pics of some of the Olympians, until I found this article and I thought, it was a better way to end my blogging on the Olympics. Oh about that, I sucked this year! My laptop had issues and then my friend gave me a laptop but it's older and waaaay slower so even surfing or logging on is a hassle.
This article made me stop and think about how strong the human spirit is, how it doesn't matter where you come from...it matters what you do. Samia Yusuf Omar is from Somalia and she finished last in her 200 meter heat...like 8 seconds slower...last. The crowd cheered her on and I wish I could have seen that heat but with Somalia only sending two athletes to the Olympics (both finished last in their events) the interview with her really shows her humbleness. Take a moment and check the article out, it's inspiring. Oh as for the job hunt, I interviewed with Microsoft last week, we shall see how that goes. I thought it went well but I know I was up against an internal candidate. I think the Samia Yusuf Omar article struck me so because like her I didn't have a lot of the advantages of others growing up but I've always strived to excel in what I ever I try to do. I mean, I'm from the rez in south dakota who grew up in a poor and dysfunctional family (whom are very dear to me, now I just know how to turn off their dysfunctional ways and not let it affect me) no degree and I just interviewed with Microsoft, they showed an interest in me. For myself, that right there is an accomplishment! I was like wow, technically I should be dead or a druggie and alkie in South Dakota but Microsoft called me for an interview...blows my mind. A lot of people won't get it, some will but I'm hoping Samia Yusuf Omar comes back in 4 years and gets the training and guidance she needs to really perform at the other athletes level.
Hope everyone enjoyed the Olympics and who knows, maybe I'll be blogging from London in 2012! ;-) peace

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Lolo Jones...

...she hit the hurdle, and she should have won. It's so sad to see her so upset right now. I know she would have won, an american won and that's great, but would she have if Lolo didn't stumble? These Olympics have just put me through the ringer! Imagine the athletes! ;)peace
p.s. Job search is going well, 2 interviews in the past 2 days with some big names. Keep you updated as I go through the interview process.

Is it me...

...or is China really giving us a run for our money in the Olympics? I watch the Olympics faithfully but I'm not up on the history, have they ever challenged us like this before? Now, except for last nights women's gymnast routine, which I called foul, China really has some good athletes. Watching mens springboard diving now. ;) peace

Monday, August 18, 2008

The new scoring system sucks!

I don't trust China with their horrible human rights record, and now our person lost when she surely should have won! Nastia Liukin had a better routine, she had less deductions...she should have the gold! I don't get the scoring system, they both tied but yet the chinese gymnast won even though she should have had more deductions.
I feel so bad for Nastia, she knows she won..and we all do too. Not my best Olympics viewing.... ;( peace

Friday, August 15, 2008

God has a sense of Humor...

...ever have a day where everything goes wrong and things you can't control just piss you the fuck off? Well that was today AND this evening for me!! ugh! Nothing went right, work, personal, commute, family...EVERYTHING. I was impatient on things I knew I couldn't control, the commute back to the valley sucked even this late. I was angry at some people in my life, which only added fuel to the fire that has been smodering all day. I finally get to my destination city and went and ordered some egg rolls before checking into my room. It seemed like it took forever but was probably only 10 mins considering there were people before me but they had huge orders, I finally went up as asked if my egg rolls were going to be served (it was a to go order btw) AFTER all these other orders were served??
Okay, let's think about it, I feel I have the right to "jump" the line just because I ordered egg rolls and the two customers before me ordered like a hundred dollars each worth of food to take home and feed their families?? YES I FRICKING DID!! lol, sorry but really it was 9pm, a long day a stessful day and I just coulndn't wait another minute to get to my room and turn on the Olympics. Okay not JUST the Olympics but you know when you just want to be alone and wind down? That was me, well the kid looked scared and of course he couldn't understand what I was saying and I thought I was going to EXPLODE right there...so I took a breath and said "Is my order... going to be made...after all these other orders are bagged up and served to go?" He finally got it and shook his head and said "you're order right here" he was actually bagging it up while I was speaking to him. So I was relieved because honestly I was so angry (from the whole day) that I really thought if I didn't get away from people I was going to hurt someone. So I thanked him, grabbed my order and headed out to my car, I'm less than a block from my room...I can make it. No, of course not...as I'm trying to pull out this guy is blocking me waiting for a parking space. I take a deep breath and I look out the window and focus on the moon and how pretty it is and how even though right now I want to get out of the car and pull this guy out of his vehicle and beat his ass...logically...he doesn't know the day I have had. He's just waiting for a space, like I had to. I can see my hotel down the street...I'm going to be there in less than 5 mins, I will be in my room...life will be wonderful....just hold on to it. I finally make it to the hotel, check in to my room and just release and relax and chill and let go. I'm going to switch tracks here really quick, I hate Seinfeld...the comic and the show...ok hate is a strong word but I really really really dislike the show. I can NOT stand the music on the opening credits, it makes my stomach clench...seriously. If I hear it I just shiver and rush to find the remote so I can up or down on the channel buttons. I don't care what's on, I just can't stand the sound of that show...his voice, the music...*shiver*. So after my moment of solace, I pick up the remote and turn on the TV and head towards my backpack to get my laptop, and the very next thing I hear is that horrible burmb burmb burmb (or however you can type the worst music ever used on sitcom!). I spin around and grab for the remote and quickly just start slamming the channel button not even looking at the TV and then quickly just hit the power button and start to laugh...God does have a sense of humor and I get it. After the day I had and the feelings and emotions that have put me up and down alllll day, THAT is what I hear after I tried to let everything go?? I chuckled a bit more with the guy upstairs because I do believe in a higher power and we can call him God but I don't feel he should be revered and feared and all that, I feel he (or she) should be respected and is there for us and and at times shows us how silly we can be. That Seinfeld thing...classic "God has a sense of humor" for me. It seems always when I have a day like today it's something that should normally just SET ME OFF that final straw...is what actually makes me stop and laugh because I realize how silly I am and I really need to just chill. I believe God shows me that a lot when I have days like today and then have an ending like that. Here I am letting go and winding down and then something happens where I would want to throw the TV through the window, but instead I laugh. So I turn the tv back on...hmmmmm...interesting...after pounding on the channel button and then turning the TV off...well "click" I turn on the Olympics. What I really wanted, right there. Think about it.
;-) peace

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


I am an Olympics addict like I said before, Mom called and I hit ignore becuase Shawn Johnson (sp?) did the most amazing performance on the bar! Seriously, I could not be bothered. I will call mom back.

Can't speak...

...can barely talk. Michael Phelps is the only Olympian to have 10 medals under his belt. Uh...yeah...just quiet now and watching...in awe. ;) peace

Monday, August 11, 2008


Ok, so much to talk about about and blog about but the main thing is that I'm back online and the Olympics are on!! Phelps is awesome! I need to reconfigure this machine and do some dowloading and etc etc...more tomorrow.
Oh I had an interview with a very well known company (changes are you are using their operating system)today, fingers crossed. ;)

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I'm still here!

Laptop is down so I'm using my phone. Not happy with the job or the corporate culture, so I have some things possibly in the works with some Silicon Valley companies. Will keep u posted!
;-) peace