Friday, July 24, 2009

2012 pt 2.

Trailer number 2 for 2012. Can I just say that I am so glad Amanda Peet is in this and it looks like she has a serious role! I like her and think she can do more. Okay the aircraft carrier scene, gave me chills! Happy Friday! ;) peace


I actually teared up at the end! The groomsmen are adorable, especially the one who walked on his hands! LOL, he got some moves! ;) peace

Friday, July 17, 2009


Okay, there is so much bad press with police men (notice I didn't write women, hey, haven't heard anything( and I have to admit I don't like "the pigs". I think most of them have a God complex and abuse the law because they can and they really don't serve and protect. Have you ever felt protected? Okay, now my I'm on my way home from my cousin's house after watching her kids tonight and I'm on the freeway and this Jeep goes FLYING past me and as I pass an on ramp I see this Highway Patrol go cruising down in front of me and I'm like, ah...he's going to get him he must have been on the overpass I just went under and was monitoring. Well I come up the hill and I see no lights (from the cop) but plenty of tail lights and I'm like WTF? After a about a mile I come up on the cop in the slow lane and he's right up on a car in front of him...the car was swerving, the car was obviously driven by a drunk driver. The lights came on and he pulled the car over and he probably saved a life...okay, still don't like them...but respect them. He must have seen the drunk car and ignored the speeder...better choice. Nuff said. ;) peace

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Hotel Living

Why am I homeless and living in a hotel (when I can)? I've got some emails asking, so let me explain. :) In January of 2008 I moved out of where I was living and moved in with my aunt and cousin because she had just been diagnosed with terminal cancer and I wanted to help out. My cousin lost his dad to cancer years earlier and I didn't want him to go through this alone. So I moved in and helped out with her care, she passed in February and I had promised her I would make sure her son was taken care of and I would be there for him. My cousin is 35 but never did anything for himself, his mom or a girlfriend did everything for him. It was difficult, first I had to get him off weed, be there through the grieving process (I put mine off and it hit me months later) and basically teach him how to be an adult. In June of 2008 my contract position with Intel ended and I found another position in a city about 100 miles away, with no place to live (my cousin was losing the house)and not sure if the job would go perm and with no end date on the contract, I took it and rented a hotel room. Been in one ever since and I still had to commute back to Sacramento on the weekends and work with my cousin, he lost the house and I had to help him look for an apartment, show him how to pay bills, get his his own cell phone contract, etc... I've never wanted kids and that is exactly why, I can't imagine being a parent to a toddler much less a grown ass man! He's my cousin though and I love him and I kept my promise to his mom. He's doing good now, he's working, he's clean and has his own apartment and even though I still get like 4 phone calls a day with him freaking out, he's on his way to independence. So the position I took, didn't work out, so I took another contract position in another city and once again, back to renting a hotel room and that's been the cycle since. I just got laid off from that job and so now I'm on unemployment, looking for work and just trying to accept the wonderful parts of life, because they are there. ;) peace