Sunday, April 19, 2009

Songs of Sunday...

...I love this song! Theory of a Deadman is the name of the band, isn't the lead singer hot? His name is Tyler Connolly, I love his voice! Oh, btw, I got my first par today in golf!! woo hoo! Hope everyone has a great week! ;) peace

Thursday, April 9, 2009

My flow so tight...

...Chris Brown should get his ass kicked! I love this song! Not only because Chris Brown should get his ass kicked but just 'cause I like the beat and the lyrics! Go Jump Smokers!
;) peace

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Today I got my first bogey ever! Oh bogey is a golf term by the way, you can see what I'm talking about here. I am a beginner, a very bad beginner. I played 9 holes today with my cousin and my goal was just to double par, I know my goal should be to par...but I'm realistic. :) Well the first 8 holes I didn't double par (I mean you have to write down double par on the score card but I still shoot past the double par shots) but I was hitting the ball consistently. Well the last hole, I actually kept up with my cousin swing for swing and it was a par 5 hole. To par I was about 40 feet in the rough and I swung and the ball roll across the green (totally missing the hole) and rolled right out into the fringe to the edge of the rough! ugh! but hey I'm excited to be that close to the hole and not close to double parring. So I'm joking to my cousin "I can still have a chance to bogey!" and he was like "um...yeah...okay" (I was not offended, I really am that bad). So I grab a sand wedge (because I control that better than my pitching wedge) I walked over and really just wanted to get the ball up and on to the green. So I just pictured how I wanted the ball to get on the green and roll down into the hole and I just slowly pulled back and did exactly what I envisioned! You could have pushed me over with a leaf! I looked at my cuz he looked at me and then I just went crazy "I got my first bogey, I got my first bogey!" lol, I'm a dork...but a dork who has bogied. I also did not break any tees and I lost one ball in the drink but found two abandoned so I actually came out ahead! Twas a good golf day for me. Hope all is well for you.
;) peace

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Eminem We made you

yeah yeah, I know he has a bad history with gay people in his lyrics, but some of his videos...he is sooo gay "friendly". He's hot, short and small but hot. I do like his music though, he's very unique in all of the music genres, where does he fit? Nowhere, which is why I like him because I don't fit anywhere also, gay, straight, femme, butch and all those other labels...he's just Marshal Mathers and I'm just me. :) peace

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Keira Knightley PSA...

...this is pretty powerful, and sad. It sucks that this happens every day to women all over the U.S., hell the world but yet some young celebrity couple gets in to a fight and now all the stars are getting involved for the cause. I guess it doesn't matter, just glad that there is a very big spotlight on this issue now.