Sunday, March 28, 2010

Songs of Sunday

I felt like hearing a Rabbit dance song. It's a Native Song for couples, it's also called a Two Step Song or an Owl Dance song (depending on tribe) and I'm sure the Eastern Nations have their version of it also. When I was a kid and they announced a rabbit dance was coming up I would bolt out of the powwow, because it's normally a "girl asks guy" song, much like a Sadie Hawkins dance of today. As a young adult going to powwows out here in Cali (I'm originally from South Dakota) I thought I'd feel safer since I hardly new anyone at these powwows, so the first time at a Cali powwow, I didn't run. I should have, I was asked to dance by a Navajo girl and you really can't turn them down. So I went and danced and AFTER that...I bolted every time a Rabbit Dance was announced! LOL Anyways, hope you like, it's a bit different than most of my Songs of Sundays but, like always, I only post on what I'm feeling I really want to hear. It's a great song. ;) peace

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