Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Just Sayin'/Chely Wright

Chely Wright comes out as a lesbian and is country's first out singer. Um what about that other chick...Melissa Etheridge? She was kind of country! I dunno, something doesn't seem right about this "coming out" story. Oh and her song Single White Female, quite a contradiction to her coming out. Please tell me coming out is so "IN" that people are doing it to jump start their careers!!? You can read her story here.
I've been listening to country for years and years and I've NEVER heard of her, not that that means anything, just sayin'.


  1. What about K.D. Lang? The first time I ever saw her on TV, she was singing with Dolly Parton.

    It's great that Wright came out, but she isn't the first.

  2. Oh yes, that's right, K.D. Lang! I'm just hoping Wright is doing this for her and not for album sales, something just seems fish about the whole thing. ;) peace

  3. I did wonder about her motivations in doing this. She has definitely gotten a lot of publicity.

  4. Well most of the news headlines read something like "Haven't heard of Chely Wright? You will she's Country's first lesbian singer!" Really? It's like "haven't heard of the iPad? Well you will because it's Apple's first touch tablet!" Seems like a marketing ploy to me. ;) peace