Saturday, July 24, 2010

Raza Jaffrey

So I'm visiting my parents this weekend and my cousin is out of town so I get her house to myself! Mom's food, cousin's win! So my mom is a Sex and the City fan and I took her to the first one and told her when the second one came out I would take her to that one also. Well most of ya know money has been tight but I finally had a few extra bucks (plus it was playing at the "cheap" theater in her city) so we went and saw it today. First off I was the only guy in there, ugh, I'm not the biggest SATC fan but it was okay. One particular actor caught my eye, Raza Jaffrey, he played an Indian butler in the movie and he was hot!! You wouldn't know this from my blog but I LOVE East Indian men and Midddle Eastern men, Pakistani, Iranian, Israeli, all of them. I find them so hot!! So here are a few pics of him and he is of Pakistani descent. ;) peace


  1. I am in love... Raza Jaffrey is the best. Thanks for these pictures. :)

  2. You are welcome! He is hot as hell! ;) peace

  3. He's of Indiam descent actually (father's an Indian sea captain). And yes, he's HOT!