Tuesday, August 31, 2010


So school is going great and I'm so happy to be in this school and excited about the future! As far as hotties, yeah, not so much but definitely cuties. So have I mentioned Stoner Josh? I think so, well Stoner Josh was out one day last week so New Hot Guy sat in his seat, next to me. I didn't like that. Stoner Josh and I make a good team when it comes to our homework and practice assignments and I'm sorry, I'm a loyal person and I didn't like New Hot Guy sitting there, but whatev, not like we have assigned seating. Well today Stoner Josh (he actually likes to be called Joshua but oh well, my blog) came to class and when Hot New Guy walked in (I call him that because um, he's new to class...he's hot) and he looked a bit perplexed so he walks past Stoner Josh and sat a few seats down. Cool. THEN he got up and came and sat on the other side of me, so I got Stoner Josh on one side and Hot New Guy on the other. I couldn't pay attention in class. I don't know why, Stoner Josh is a sweetie but Hot New Guy, well he knows he's hot, kind of a turn off. So class was ending and I was talking to the teacher about some help I needed with an assignment and Stoner Josh walked out and as I was walking back to my seat Hot New Guy gave me the smile and nod thing as he walked out. Okay. I packed up my backpack and walked out and Stoner Josh was waiting for me in the hall and we walked to our next class together, which we normally do but this is the first time we didn't WALK out of class together. I thought that was sweet. And no, Stoner Josh is not gay...Hot New Guy...not so sure. In any case, that was my first period and the rest of the day was okay. Long days on Tuesday's and Thursday's but I'm loving it! Enjoy! ;) peace

A portrait of James Dean

Joshua Tree 1951: A Portrait of James Dean. Should be hitting the film circuit next year. What do you think? Good look alike for James Dean? Supposedly it's going to chronicle James Dean's gay life, allegedly. I'll watch it! ;) peace

Monday, August 30, 2010

Sunday, August 29, 2010

YouTube Hotness-Boiler Room

A short film called Boiler Room by Carlos Arias featuring model Christopher Villa. Damn he's hot!!

Songs of Sunday

I'm stuck on a Teen Mom marathon, I need to be studying! I have a test in the morning!
Pray for You-Jaron and the Long Road to Love. He's a cutie his actual name is Jaron Lowenstein.
Just a fun lil song, a great breakup song! lol ;) peace

Saturday, August 28, 2010


I read a book (yes a whole book), I watched a movie, I took a walk, I surfed the 'net, I did some laundry, I did everything BUT homework or study today. :D And I was okay with that. Tomorrow will be devoted to school and then back to the grind on Monday. This evening I got back to my cousin's place (apartment sitting) and I just sat down with my book and put the laundry in and it was just so...normal. I didn't turn on the TV but of course the laptop was on, but only to Twitter! *grin* I honestly don't remember when I just sat and read in silence (minus clothes cleaning appliances). For the past couple of years it's been about looking for work, moving from one temp job to another and where will I be sleeping tonight? Whose couch, which hotel and for how long. It felt so good to just, be. I know it's not my place but it's familiar here at my cousin's, I spent many a night on this couch, and it just felt so good to...I don't know, not worry. I just got to concentrate on my book and get lost in another world. Was nice. A multitude of emotions today, all positive though...gratefulness, pride, joy, . :) So since my day was quite random and nice, thought I would share. Enjoy! ;) peace

Hot Guys Kissing

JJ over on YouTube put together such a beautiful video of some of the most sensual moments in Gay Movie History. Full of Hot Guys Kissing and a wonderful song I never heard but just downloaded because I fell in love with it. Everything By Lifehouse. Enjoy! ;) peace

Famous People-Jason Momoa

Getting ready to head to the library and eating lunch. Johnson Family Vacation is on and noticed this hottie playing a Native American in the most unflattering of scenes for Natives, but he's hot. Forgiven. Jason Momoa. ;) peace

Friday, August 27, 2010

I'm an Uncle Again

Congratulations to my Bro, his baby was born at 9:22 pm she weighted 7lbs 2ounces and 19 and 3 1/4 inches. Welcome to our family Savannah. big hugz.

My first YouTube Vid

Okay it's not my first but it's my first good one! I acually put this together myself, you like? It's Flo Rida Club Can't Handle me ft. David Guetta. Remember it's my first try. I liked it, look for more soon! ;) peace

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Model Moment

No more school until Monday! woot woot! I'm not even touching a book until at least Saturday. :D Today's Model Moment is Grayson Vaughan. ;) peace

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

YouTube Hotness-JJ

I've watched this a few times. :) Thanks JJ for once again putting song and video together OH so beautifully! Young & Beautiful (GTM Mix) JJProds. ;) peace
p.s. you may have to use your scroll bar on the bottom of your page to fit the whole video on your screen.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Turn Around!

There's a guy who sits in front of me with such a cute butt, today he wore shorts. Nice legs, I'm def a leg and ass man, oh hell I like it all! ;) peace

Monday, August 23, 2010

Dieux Du Stade 2002

So good news! My car got fixed and it passed smog! Thanks CAP and California. It's so nice to start it up and not have it be so loud and assaulted with exhaust fumes! Ahhh...so nice! Like I say a lot on this blog, never take anything for granted. So in the past when I've had great days it was Joseph Sayers or Dieux du Stade, so let's go with some classic Dieux Du Stade. Enjoy! ;) peace
p.s. this was NOT my fave year but stick around, the years get better. I think this was the last year they shot in color.


My car is in the shop to see if we can get it to pass smog, it sounds like they fixed the exhaust leak (yeah, it should be quiet and no more inhaling fumes!) but they still don't know if it's going to pass smog or not. ugh! ;) peace

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Real People

More pics from the State Fair last month. I haven't taken any in awhile, want to get these posted first. Enjoy! ;) peace

Songs of Sunday

I love this song, it's so comforting. This is another one of JJ's creations (check him out, you will be on his channel all day) and I've actually posted it before as a Beautiful post for the video, but today I wanted to post it for the song. This video is actually from JJ's gay themed movie channel, once again you'll really want to check it out and see a lot of gay films I didn't know existed. He provides great content for my blog. :)The movie is called Dream Boy by James Bolton, I just requested the book by Jim Grimsley. Love it, Dixie Chicks-Lullaby. ;) peace

Songs of Sunday

LMAO! Um, if you don't care for the F-Word you may not like this but it's hella funny! It's also catchy, Cee Lo Green FU. ;) peace

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Vampires Suck-Movie

So I finally got to see it today, um, save your money, it's a rental. The trailer is hella funny but all those moments were the only funny parts of the movie. The leads were hot though. ;) peace

Here is your Edward, Matt Lanter.

Hers is your Jacob (I'm still team Jacob!) Chris Riggi.

Today's Weather

Is very nice, not too hot at all with a cool breeze! Although, I am at the library doing homework. I don't like doing homework on Sundays, makes me feel like a slacker, I dunno why. Anyways, it's nice to finally drive around in my car with no A/C and get out with my t-shirt being all Wet! (like that?!) ;) peace