Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Birthday Blog! Best Vids

*Today is my birthday so I'm going down memory blog lane about first posts, old posts and favorite posts. Welcome.*
Really? If you've read this blog more than once you know this is my FAVE vid ever! JJ does some amazing work, please check out his channel.
Start of Something Good-Brittania

A Hot vid, more recent. Cazwell Ice Cream Truck

A Beautiful Vid, also more recent. PAG - THE LADY IS DEAD (song by: THE IRREPRESSIBLES - "IN THIS SHIRT")

Fancy Shawl powwow dancing. The lady in the white shawl at the end, dammit!

And of course Ryan James Yezak and his version (in my opinion the Original Lady Gaga Telephone) music video. I'm not a fan of drag queens, I'm not a fan of Lady Gaga hell I can barely even stand gay people but this video stood out to me because of the work put into it. It wasn't a parody, a spoof, it was a real music video and I supported it all over the web, I logged onto all the sites that had embedded it and left positive comments on the direction of it. Is a great video from a director's point of view. Well done.

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