Tuesday, August 10, 2010

iPhone Men

I love my BlackBerry, I do, I can't live without it but I'm thinking of maybe a Droid phone like the HTC Evo? No, not an iPhone, I'm not a fan of Apple. Hmm...just a thought for now. I have nothing wrong with hot guys with iPhones though! Enjoy!
;) peace


  1. I loathe Apple products. The user interface is always counter-intuitive. The worst has gotta be iTunes. Itunes killed baby Jesus... I got myself an HTC desire yesterday. I think I like it. V.very different from the old Motorola! You need small fingers to use it though:-s

  2. Unfortunately iTunes is the only media player that is user friendly and plays my music. I'm open to other alternatives! VLC, only plays one song at time, Windows Media Player won't play your whole library, unless you add the whole darn thing to a playlist. ;) peace