Saturday, September 11, 2010


I'm conflicted. Today I got my car a tune up, it really, really needed one! I also have hella homework and studying to do and prepare for a presentation due on Tuesday. I spent the day at the garage and got hardly any school work done. On one hand, my car will run for another day, on the other hand there goes a day of studying.

Regarding the presentation, I'm not happy with the people I'm supposed to present with. The content they have submitted to me (I'm putting the PowerPoint together) is mostly plagiarized and not a lot of content. I dislike public speaking but I'm doing examples and exercises of our subject so I'm gonna have to interact with the class, impress my prof AND know my content. I can do this.

Discovered My Boys tonight on TBS, love this show!

Tomorrow, I will make everything better, like I always do.


  1. Good luck with the presentations!

  2. Thanks! I have the worst team ever! I'll end up doing all the work, but oh well. Have to protect my GPA! ;) peace