Monday, October 11, 2010


I just saw Brett Favre's 500th career touchdown! woot woot!
Hottie kinda flirted with me this morning and Stoner Joshua will not make it through the program, I think. I hope he does but at this point I'm carrying him, I know...enabler.
I'm not a gamer but I think 99% of the guys are, I wonder if that will affect me IT wise? Hope not.
Housemate had a dinner tonight with his sister, Jodie and Katherine, the gay roommate of his sister and his gay nephew. A LOT of gay going on this house, I just stayed in my room and watched football. #comfortzone
So a bit of everything today. ;) peace


  1. I just have to say that the third picture is scary, really scary. Did you ever see that show about the man whose biceps exploded? *shudders*

  2. @eyre ya know, I never noticed his arms. LOL! But now that you bring it up, wow! Yes I did see that show! Gross! ;) peace