Saturday, November 13, 2010

One Hello World

Thanks to Eyre for turning me on to this site, One Hello World. You can call this guy and leave him a voicemail and he will write music to your story, and it's genius and it's beautiful...and it's real!

Ya know, I don't know, maybe it's school, or the fact I have to once again look for a place to live in a little over a month or that since I'm new to this city I don't really know anybody and I'm lonely...but listening to the music and the stories on this website, I just bawled. <- (major run on sentence, my English teacher would be so disappointed) It was very cathartic for me, I feel so much better, maybe not so much optimistic, but definitely better. Please check out the website and for those of you freaks who just come to my blog for the hot guys, pause, and take a moment, you will be glad you did. I've posted some of my faves below:

Drunk dialed to say don't follow in love with your best friend.

Coming out to my family, don't know what to do.

I try to fill your shoes dad, since cancer took you.

and my favorite
Movies when you die.