Monday, January 3, 2011


So after dealing with anxiety all weekend (great way to start off the New Year huh) I wake up with a tummy ache this morning. I get to school, and I feel worse, and I just walked out of class. I never get aches and pains or sick so I always overreact when I don't feel 100%. I sat in the student lounge for a bit and chatted with my friend for a bit. Still wasn't feeling any better. Finally I just left campus and came home and lay down for a bit. I'm feeling better, ate some soup earlier and drinking water.

I really should crack my books but I'm not feeling it, I will tomorrow. I just have a lot going on in my head right now. Processing some things, letting go of others, trying to make sense of it all while focusing on school and making it my number one priority, like it should be.

On a lighter note, I was soooo planning on starting crunches and sit ups today! I mean I'll never attend the level of abs that these guys have, but one can dream! ;) peace


  1. I really like that last guy!

    You know, stress can have physical manifestations. Don't worry yourself sick. You'll get through all this. I have faith in you. *hugs*

  2. 2 of those guys are a bit OTT! But other than that very nice! :)

  3. @eyre thanks, think it was just a rough week.
    @sylvia what is OTT?? haha
    ;) peace

  4. I'd like to know what OTT means also!