Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I suck at school! Okay, no I don't but this term, I'm not feeling it. I posted this big blurb about me getting it together and catching up and blah, blah, blah, and then I don't go the next day! lol Working on it, but I'm sorry those kids are getting on my nerves! It's all MySpace and Facebook and the guys talking about kitty there are NEVER GOING TO GET!! *sigh*

If Hottie tells me one more time how much something he is wearing costs OR drops a brand name, I'm going to throw grape juice at him. Just saying.

Supposedly staying with my parents this weekend, mom has a menu of all my faves ready to go. So I'm spoiled, hey I'm homeless and unemployed...let me have that. Oh and my nephew said he is coming over and eating everything before I get there. He's about my size now, bring it.

To the front desk clerk guy at my hotel, you are hot and you drive a Mercedes Benz 430 CLK, in silver. I'm not saying I would allow you to do unspeakable things to me if I could drive it, I'm just's on the table.

And finally, Mother Nature, please bring out the sun more than once a week. I know you rule and shit but you're messing my with my GPA!! Have a heart.
;) peace

Hodgepodge. ;) peace


  1. And breathe Leo! Everything will work out :)

  2. Come on Leo stick with it mate, everything will work out for you man. Don't go all soft on us now, you are so close and doing so good in school it would be a waste if you let it all go now.

    Throw it! Throw it! THROW THE GRAPE JUICE LEO, lol.

    Naughty, naughty Leo (wagging finger at YOU), does the front desk guy have your number yet, lololol.

    @Mother Nature, you're driving Leo crazy, the rains messing with his hormones, KEEP raining, LOLOLOLOLOL.

  3. Okay, picture number 4 makes me giggle!

    Go to your mom's and enjoy that food. I'm sure there will be enough to share with your nephew.

    I do wonder about a hotel clerk who drives a car like that. Is he making money selling something on the side? Hmm...

  4. I love the second shot. It's either saying "pull your pants up" or "drop everything". I'm not sure which :)

  5. @sylvia haha! You're right, I just get caught up in stuff and I need to take a moment!
    @NS Thanks for the support! You little brat! *mother nature he don't know nothing* ;)
    @eyre lol, I was wondering if that pics was to "risque" for my blog, it made me smile though. The front desk clerk is Armenian, and I'm finding a lot of the Armenian clerks at the hotels I stay, have really nice cars. Family money?
    @leccy LOL, does it matter? haha :)
    Hugz ;) peace