Monday, February 28, 2011

Turn Around!

School today was pretty simple, my homework was done, got more assignments, and now I have more homework. Same ol same ol, I know.

Oh, before I order to get my first certification in IT (A+ cert), I need to pass my school's practice cert with a 95% or better...twice. While this is why I'm going to school, this term hasn't been that important to me tech-wise because of all my other classes. Well now I've got like 2 weeks to get two certs, and I think I'm the last in my class to qualify for the actual A+ Cert. Today, I took my first school cert and passed, so at some point this week I have to do that again and then schedule myself for my 701 A+ cert. I ALSO have to do my 702 A+ cert, in the next two weeks (while passing my school's practice 702 A+ cert, first, twice) and I have yet to study for that. Will I do it? I sure as heck hope so, I'm not stressing like everyone else because, I just have a feeling I'll be okay. I'm good at this. Sorry if none of that made sense, it's kinda hard to explain. haha! :)

Today my buddy at school told me to take the school cert, he said I was ready for it. I told him I wasn't confident enough to do that, he said "You're like one of the top students in all of our tech are ready." So I had to turn around my way of approaching the school's practice cert test. It's the same "learning mode" test(s) I've been practicing, only now it will be in my school's "practice cert mode". Once I did that, I did great and like I said, I passed. Let's hope I can do it again this week!
;) peace

Are you worried about the Earth will die on 21st December 2012?

Uh, not so much the myself. :D Naw, I think we'll be fine. ;) peace

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How many languages can you speak?

I can only speak one language, and not very well at that. ;) peace

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Sunday, February 27, 2011


Enjoy! ;) peace

Songs of Sunday

The Vampire Diaries montage to the song Cry Little Sister, by Gerard McMann! You know I had to post this due to my current addiction to The Vampire Diaries! I'm not sure which brother I like more, I'm thinking Stefan!
Yes this is another JJ video, he's so good! Enjoy! ;) peace

Saturday, February 26, 2011


I'm reading this book by Bart Yates, I think it's his third and it's called the Distance Between Us. I just had to close the book down for the night because I was bawling. I hope to finish it tomorrow (after I do my homework) but he really is such a great author. On that note, I'm not a grammar nazi, or a literary scholar so I don't know if he writes well or not. I do know he makes me laugh, he makes me angry and he makes my cry. For me, that's a good book and you can find beauty in everything, and I find his novels beautiful. ;) peace

Friday, February 25, 2011


I know someone has my heart in jar, somewhere. I want it back! I know who it is too, I gave it to him years ago, he never deserved it. He still doesn't. ;) peace


Enjoy! ;) peace

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Things that Make Me Laugh!

I'm not gonna lie, today sucked! I had to drop a class, Hottie was sad, but annoying, and I totally froze up on tonight's Math test. Then Armageddon opened up the heavens this evening and I was wearing nothing but a long sleeved t-shirt and some jeans! It's cold, it's freezing, I'm cranky and if Hottie calls me like he said he was going to...he would forever rethink about knowing me. I need a do-over!

So based on that, I am grateful I have place to lay my head tonight (for those who have followed me for awhile, you know I was homeless), I'm grateful I'm in school and I am grateful for a lot...but...damn, today was just awful! I'm still here though and still thinking as many good thoughts as I can. I needed a laugh, so you know I had to turn to GloZell. She makes me laugh.

I am beat and I know Eyre will say something sweet (but I want the truth), I totally went back and looked for comma did I do? #schoolismessingwithmyhead
;) peace

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


So today was all about catching up on homework, which I did. Then I talked to my mom, family drama. I also had my roomie tell me he bought me Chamomile tea! Was a weird day. A good one but just kinda weird. ;) peace


Enjoy! ;) peace

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sports Tease

Today was one of my long days at school, morning until night. So tired. Today someone told me that the Sacramento Kings are thinking of moving to LA. I haven't had time to see if this true, but that's lame. The Lakers and Kings have a great rivalry! Plus LA has the Clippers (not like that's something to be proud of). My point being, since I started school, I know nothing about sports anymore! My NFL team didn't make it the to the play offs, I have no idea who is winning/won the Masters and now the Kings are supposedly moving to LA! School, I want my life back!! ugh! ;) peace

Monday, February 21, 2011


For those who have followed me for awhile you know, I adore JJ  he has some channels on YouTube JJTheTrue and  jjsbay. He is such a talented editor, he picks the best songs, the best pictures of hot men and puts them together in a way that makes you kind of go, "wow".
My favorite video of his, is this one. Most of you know that,  I love the song, I love the editing and the story line he creates with his images.

Start of Something.

Well JJ put out a new video that is a modern, sexy version of Start of Something Good. I love the song, I love the editing and the hot! The song is Adam Lambert -Fever, and wow, he has outdone himself. Please check out his channels. He's amazing and he's also the sweetest guy. Thank you JJ, you make me smile. hugz ;) peace


Enjoy! ;) peace

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Team Dancing.

When I was kid growing up with powwows, we didn't have team dancing. It's kinda cool, I must admit. I don't like the switch dancing, or the hip hop dancing though. Sorry, I may not look it, but I'm an old school Native. ;) peace

Songs of Sunday

This is one of my favorite Native Songs! I love Crow Hop songs and the Black Lodge Singers are one of my favorite drums! ;) peace

Today's Weather

It was a nice day, it was somewhat warm and sunny! The nights have been cold though! I went out this evening to pick up some things and noticed a lot of guys in shorts. I love Cali!! ;) peace

YouTube Hotness

This vid is hot! Is it me or are there some intimate moments going on? Enjoy! ;) peace

At the Movies.

I will definitely see this, it looks sweet. Beginners

Songs of Sunday

Lady Gaga Born this Way, Liam Keegan Radio Edit. I love it!! Yes I've been in a remix phase. ;) peace

Friday, February 18, 2011

Model Moment.

Chad White. It really is a sin to be this attractive!!

I did nothing today, I have plenty of school work but I preferred to watch TV and movies on my laptop. I have Monday off, so I have time. The weather is freezing here in Cali! If only Chad could keep me warm.
;) peace

Google's Friend Connect

I don't get it, I see new followers but I can't follow them back! If I double click their icon, it just tells me I'm gonna follow me. Lame. I'm open to someone telling me how to do this. I want to speak to Jonard and a bunch of others, I'm not ignoring you. ;0 peace

P!nk - F*ckin Perfect (Liam Keegan Radio Edit)

I've been in a remix mood lately! Love this one! Pink-F*ckin Perfect remix by Liam Keegan. Who is a genius btw, he's the only DJ I subscribe to on YouTube. ;) peace

Random Memory.

Have you heard of The Sea of Tranquility? I know it's a spot on the moon or something like that, but I'm talking about the Sea of Tranquility of our dreams. A long time ago, I read in a book that the Sea of Tranquility is where you and someone you love meet in a dream. So technically, you both have the same dream at the same time and that means you met on the Sea of Tranquility. That is your partner in life. Supposedly.

Also, years ago, I went to college in New Mexico near Albuquerque. It was an all Indian college, and it was my first time away from my family, and to say it was scary for me is an understatement. While I was there I met a girl, her name was Monica and she was the prettiest girl on campus. She had a boyfriend though, he lived off campus and he would come pick her up on the weekends. Monica and I got very close, fast. Yes, I was gay but there was something about her that caught my attention. She was sexy and fun, and so self confident. Like me, she didn't want to be another "Native cliche". She was determined to better herself. She was also Apache and she sure had a wild side. We flirted like crazy at first, and then later we would just stay up and talk for hours, often cuddling while we talked. We never "went there" but she was definitely ready if I ever wanted to make my move. Her and her boyfriend broke up and we started seeing each other, to this day I don't know if I'm the reason...they had problems way before I entered the picture. She always said I wasn't, because I kept telling her I didn't want to be the reason.

One Saturday after lunch we went back to our respective dorm rooms to take a nap. The night before, we had stayed up really late just talking and laughing. During my nap I had this dream where she and I were being chased by aliens. We were on the beach and they chased into a cave, they wanted to take her from me and I wouldn't let her go. We found an exit and all of sudden there was a bunch of hay there and it caught on fire and Monica screamed because our exit was blocked. I remember stopping and just looking at her and telling her, it'll be okay, I wasn't going to let them take her. I think finally after more running and dodging I just woke up.

I layed there on the bed and all I could think of was Monica but I couldn't move, the dream was so intense...not the details of what happened but the strength of the emotions I was feeling. Fear, strength, love, intense. After a few minutes there was a knock on my door, it was Monica. She was crying and I just hugged her, and told her it would be okay. I knew, I just felt it (wow, I'm kinda tearing up right now) that she had the same dream. She started telling me she had this dream and her and I were being chased by aliens, and they were trying to take her, and we found an exit but all of a sudden there was hay there and it caught on fire. After I finally calmed her down, we both described our dreams and they were exactly the same. Even the point where we both woke up was the same.

I told her about the Sea of Tranquility and she just cried. We both kinda knew we wouldn't be together, but now we would ALWAYS have that moment.

I left the school for various reasons a short time later, we did keep in touch for awhile after that. I'm not sure what happened but her tone changed after I left, I tried to be encouraging and supportive but last I heard I think she had eventually dropped out of school, moved back to the rez and had gotten pregnant. Although, I heard that from a girl who had a crush on me while I was there and was jealous of Monica. They were all jealous of Monica though, why she ever picked me I do not know. She remembers the first time she saw,haha. I started the semester late so when they took roll and I said "here", she didn't know who I was. She said remembers looking down the row to where I was sitting and seeing a handsome boy with the saddest, yet kindest eyes and she knew she needed to know me. She also said I looked scared! LOL, I probably did.

Not sure what brought that memory up today, but it's one of my favorites. ;) peace
p.s. I also dated a psycho Eskimo girl while I was there, that b*tch was crazy! But that is for another time.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Book of Love

Feeling old school. Who remembers Book of Love I Touch Roses? This is a remix. ;) peace

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BW Pics

Today was cold, gray and rainy! Yuck! School went well, had a nice visit with Hottie. He annoyed me via text this morning and I had to shut him down, so when I saw him in person later...he was more tolerable. That's how I do. :D
I have a ton of homework for the 4 day weekend, so not looking forward to that. On the other hand, I am completely caught up on The Vampire Diaries! So that distraction from doing my school work, is gone. Hey, I can easily be led astray, at least I admit it. ;) So enjoy the BW Pics, was much like my day...well without the hotness. ;) peace

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


So today I didn't go to school, okay don't boo me, I have my reasons and I'm caught up on my school work. I needed a "The Vampire Diaries" day, now that I'm all caught up on the series, it won't conflict with my homework. There is a method to my madness. :) So when I woke up, it was sunny, and then it rained, and then it hailed, and then it was sunny. I was confused. So I was gonna for a walk and I put on a pair of cargo shorts and a sweat shirt and walked out the door and it literally got dark and started hailing! WTF! This isn't a Today's Weather post because the weather was more like a tease! ugh! ;) peace

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Things that make me laugh, Blog Update.

Today was a good day at school, had lunch with Hottie. Ugh. Last term I was his lunch buddy and pretty much would sit across from him and imagine him choking and then wondering if I would decide to help. This term Twinky is his lunch buddy but Twinky been having some court dates, so Hottie's been calling me when noon time comes. It's cool, I do have fun with him, he's just a bit much at times. Math class tonight went great! I have surprised myself so far in that class, kinda "getting it". It's just basic arithmetic but even that scares me! So tonight, I wanted to laugh and Glozell does that! Hella funny, especially when she slams Kesha. ;) peace

What's the first thing you think about when you wake up?

Really Sylvia? LOL. FOOD!! haha . ;)

Ask me anything

hi Leo... How are you doing? Do you know navin? He refers me to you.. hope we could talk more about life.. :)

I do know Navin and you are more than welcome to talk to me about whatever you need to. Do you have my email address? I think it's in my blogger profile. ;) peace

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Monday, February 14, 2011


So today was just kinda weird. I woke up and it was windy and rainy, then later it was sunny and cold. I went to school and guess what? Found another Hottie, granted I have no classes with him but if I leave my 3rd period early enough to get to my 4th, where his 3rd is ending...I get to see him. I know, a bit complicated but at least it's not only Hottie I can admire now. Hottie has competition! :) Came home with every intention of doing school work, but didn't. I finished a novel about brothers and their bond, and I just cried when I got done reading it! Oh, and then called my bro. Right now I'm BBM'ing (BlackBerry Messaging) my boo in England, who I find so fricking adorable and it's just been a weird day. A Hodgepodge day (ok that wasn't subtle but it's late and I need to get this posted!) ;) peace