Saturday, February 26, 2011


I'm reading this book by Bart Yates, I think it's his third and it's called the Distance Between Us. I just had to close the book down for the night because I was bawling. I hope to finish it tomorrow (after I do my homework) but he really is such a great author. On that note, I'm not a grammar nazi, or a literary scholar so I don't know if he writes well or not. I do know he makes me laugh, he makes me angry and he makes my cry. For me, that's a good book and you can find beauty in everything, and I find his novels beautiful. ;) peace


  1. Great pictures!

    I do think Yates is a good writer. He does have the ability to make me laugh and cry, but his characters sometimes make me so angry I would smack them if they were right in front of me. Being a pacifist (and a wimp), that says a lot. ;)

  2. Mate, I have a postgraduate degree in linguists and that has never helped me one iota in determining whether a book is good or not. If the book makes you laugh and cry and then think, I reckon that is a good a definition as any of a good book.

    (wanders off to look at pretty pictures again)

  3. @eyre you? A wimp? Maybe a pacifist but I imagine if pushed, you could smack a person or two! ;) peace

    @leccy lolz! too cute!!
    I agree, a good book is a good book! Now wander away, but don't touch anything! ;)peace