Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Marriage Equality

Like I've mentioned before, not sure I want to get married...but I do think it should be my choice. Although, my trade off is, if I can't get married I should pay less taxes. Just saying. This young man gives quite the speech about being raised by gay parents. Hell, I don't think I can be that eloquent now, and he's only 19!
Zach Wahls Speaks About Gay Marriage in Iowa.


  1. That was a great speech. I don't watch much news but have heard of this amendment. An author that I read is from Iowa. She was actually suppose to give a speech at the House's vote but due to lack of time was unable to. She was very upset that their House had passed the bill 62-37. She is not gay nor am I. It's so wrong that they are trying to deny someone the right to marry:(

  2. @bluesmokey I don't like to give that much power to a piece of paper, a lot of people do though. I just think it should be our choice and not dictated to us. ;) peace

  3. That really is a great speech! And you're right everyone should have the choice to get married if they want to. I mean after all God gave us freedom of choice!

  4. I just stole your video.

    A piece of paper doesn't make a marriage; however, it means a lot when dealing with hospitalizations, deaths, etc. I have friends whose families would not allow them to see their partners in the hospital if something tragic occurred. It isn't fair, and it definitely isn't right. You can't legislate love.