Wednesday, March 16, 2011


What a day! First off, I passed the 701 portion of my A+ Certification, yay me. Now I have to pass the 702 part, and I'm good. My score was pretty good too, so that made me happy. Hot Tech Teach was his usual flirtatious self and of course was pushing my buttons. When I walked into class he asked what time my test was (it was in 30mins) and if I was nervous. I told him no, I'm not nervous and he replied with "well I would be", to which I replied "well, obviously you don't have the confidence that I do". :) That got some oooohhh's from the guys and some chuckles. Yes, Eyre, I was sassy! I sat down and in like 10 mins, HTT was like "let's go Leo, it's time". Um, I had 20 mins! He insisted that it would take them that long to get me started on the test, he then escorted me to the test, which he hadn't done for anyone else. This evening I was still at school and studying for my 702, well I have to have HTT verify when I take a test in "cert mode" in the study software that we use. I knew he was teaching tonight but wasn't sure where. I ran into him on campus, and asked him where he would be tonight and he said Head Hunters. #blankstare Then he goes "ya know, Head Hunters downtown". I'm like cocking my head now, like a dog, 'cause I don't know what he's talking about! He then sees my look and starts laughing and tells me he'll be in B14 and then he said something about Badlands and was still chuckling as he walked away. Um, I googled Head Hunters and it's a gay club/restaurant downtown, Badlands is a gay bar across the street from it. Is it sad my "straight" tech teach knows more about the local gay lifestyle then I do? haha, well that's because I have no interest in the local gay lifestyle. :)

I wanted to slap my cousin today. Ya know, the one who is a grown ass man but never did anything for himself, always had his mom or a girlfriend do it for him. Well they are taking his unemployment away because he filed a claim two years ago and got paid the same week from his job, and didn't report it. So it caught up with him, he's worked since then so not sure why they are penalizing him on this new claim, but they are. So he calls, I'm ecstatic I just passed my cert, and starts telling me about everything. IF they deny him benefits (which they will) they'll only penalize him for 5 weeks and then he'll start getting paid again. He has a tax return coming in a few weeks that he can look forward to. He tried to get on welfare but got denied because he made too much money last year. So why the urge to slap him? I'm on the phone and we're talking and all of a sudden he starts to cry!! No, no, no! You don't cry! This is life you fool! You roll with the punches, you take it like a man, you cowboy up, you do a lot of other clich├ęs, but you don't cry! I mean, don't get me wrong, we all need a good cry but in a situation like this, you go into action mode. Make a plan, what's your next step, what can you do to make it better? You don't cry! You have to understand my cousin has no real world experience when it comes to life. He's always been spoiled, he's always had things done for him and unfortunately since he lost his parents he's had to grow up, and quick. I don't begrudge him for that, but you don't cry! I don't think he wants to work, I think he wants to not work and just get stoned. He even tried to get on welfare (denied), he doesn't even have his girls full time...welfare fraud! Maybe I was upset because he was ruining my moment, maybe I was upset because I'm the only one in the family he calls with his problems, maybe I was upset because he needs to grow a pair and realize mom and dad aren't around to fix it for him. He's like 37! I don't know, but I gave him the best advice I could and told him to get a job and crying about it isn't going to make it better. Waiting for the tax check will only buy you a couple months of rent and you CAN NOT go 5 weeks without getting any money IF unemployment will even grant you benefits after the 5 week penalty period. Be proactive, start looking for a job, cancel your high speed internet (his laptop died months ago) and cable. Quit buying your girls ANYTHING they want when you have them. They're 11 and 9, they'll live without some of the items you get them. There are food banks, you have a lot of stuff in storage you can sell, I mean this is not that bad. I was homeless for 3 years living in a hotel (when I could afford it) and I made it work, this is gravy. Get a job. Okay I didn't say it EXACTLY like that, but that's the gist of it. He takes everything personally, as do I, but there are people in Japan who would KILL to be in his place right now. *sigh* enough about him, he'll be fine and I'll help guide him through this "bump" in the road the rest of us call life.

My nephew's dog died yesterday, he wasn't upset about it. He had the dog 7 years, that kind of disturbs me.

Last night, in my math class, I know my math teacher "gave" me points on my exam. I didn't study for it, I wasn't there when they went over that chapter and I didn't know what the hell I was doing on that exam. Yet, I passed. Not sure how I feel about that. Tomorrow is our final, going to try and hit a math lab up in the morning.

I enjoy the attention of young guys flirting with me, but it's getting old. Today, a total adorable guy in a BMW at school flirted with me on campus. Then this evening at the convenience store the hottie behind counter was flirting with me and trying to engage me in a conversation, but I kind of just smiled and walked out. I swear, young guys, and straight men, that's like every gay man's dream...but mine. Oh well, I'm sure my out, close to my age, sane, gay man is out there. We just haven't run into each other at the super market...yet?

Now for the good stuff! ;) peace


  1. Again, I am so thrilled about your test!

    I know your cousin has annoyed you, and that's understandable. Like you pointed out, there are things he can do. He'll be fine.

    Maybe your nephew was just trying to be strong or wasn't comfortbale admitting his feelins. Boys are like that sometimes.

    Don't worry about the points on the math test. The eacher probably added points to everyone's test. It's okay.

    God luck on that final!


  2. Wow, are you sure HTT isn't gay? O.o Congrats again on passing your test!!! Your out, close to your age(like you're old or something), sane, gay man is out there and waiting for you. :D

  3. @eyre thank you! I did pass the final and that class has ended. Although, now I have a harder math class next term!

    @becullen oh HTT has to be gay! He's mentioned some gay clubs in S.F. to me before. I'm not sure if he's trying to out me or not, but he can just ask. I never deny it. If he's trying to tell me he wants his cake and it eat too (he has GF), well that's not gonna happen.

  4. I just reread my comments. I have to stop commenting from my phone. That's how I end up with all those darn typos. :-(