Saturday, March 12, 2011

It's all about the Eyes

Long evening of studying, notice that should read: Long DAY of studying, but I spent it watching movies on my laptop. Went to my local Panera around the corner to study, but there weren't any of the hot guys working....just females! So went to the other Panera a couple miles away, where the guys working were cuter. :) My head hurts now but I'm sure it's my eyes, I need reading glasses (yes I'm THAT old), always happens after a long period of studying. I'll be fine, once I gaze at these pretty eyes! Enjoy! ;) peace


  1. That third guy looks sad. I think he needs you to hug him.

  2. HA, your not old. I'm pretty sure I have quite a few years on you. :D Beautiful pics.

  3. @eyre gladly!! and then some.

    @becullen haha, naw, I just have young looking skin (I guess).

    ;) peace