Friday, April 29, 2011


So today I took a tech job (fixing 3 computers), and while I'm glad I did, I shouldn't have done it the weekend before finals! I have so much homework! Hottie is up to something, because he's being nice. SJ is texting me all the time, and my roomie has been drinking wine all night, which means he is talkative! I so thought things were going good, but once again it's a tease at what my life will be like once I'm done with school! ;) peace

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Is this gay?

I hope so. Read about it here Could be that Budweiser has the first gay ad after Don't Ask Don't tell!
Get teary eyed about it now.
;) peace


Because I should probably start working on mine.

School was cool today only had the one class. I'm not sure why I procrastinate my homework so much. If I was assigned homework, and was told it was due the next day, I would be a much better student. But if you give me homework and tell me it's due in a week, then I will do it on the last night before it's due. ugh! So that was tonight for me. Cramming AND I had to go buy a tie for my last "mock" interview tomorrow for my Career Prep class. I actually took my shirt with me to the store where I bought my slacks. Yes, I'm a bad gay. I needed to physically grab a pair of slacks like mine, bring in my own shirt, and stand in front of the tie rack for an hour going "does this work, does this work, does this work?". Sigh. I think I did a good job though.

Then I get home and realize I bought a different size of slacks than I normally do. They have been sitting in my closet for over a week, I actually bought a size smaller and with a "slim" fit. I hadn't even tried them on yet! Now I know I tweet and blog how I'm a smaller guy, but that could all just be in my head, and I could be a big ol fat ass! So I tried them on, and let's just say, wow, I liked how they fit a lot! From now on, if possible, I'm buying slim fit pants. I already do buy slim fit button up shirts, and athletic fit Tees (I think athletic means the same as slim in this case), but never really thought of slacks or jeans in that regard. Not only do they fit good, they look good. I'm very happy with them. Hey! I am a good gay, I just spent all this time talking about how my "slim" fit slacks look on me! See, they can't take my card.

Until tomorrow. ;) peace

What was your favorite thing to do during recess at school?

Flirt with girls. I know, right?!

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So after a week off from school I walk into my first class today, and was told I had to give an impromptu speech, and it had to have a humorous tone. #WTH? I was so not wanting to hear that! See, I dislike public speaking, and speeches, and presentations! I get so nervous! So my topic was "I hate public speaking" and when I gave my speech it was very well received! I got laughs, and applause. LOL. Wasn't expecting that, and then like 6 people came up to me afterwards to tell me my speech was the best. So that was a bad/good experience!

Oh I gave Jessie a ride home today, and he said I'm making too much of it, as far as my fear of public speaking. He said that all my presentations in classes he had with me have been great. That made me feel good. I just don't like it! ha!

Then 3rd period I realized how behind I was, but I caught up since it was a free period. 4th period I finally realized my math teacher hates me. He even wrote a nasty comment on my project he returned to me! Not shooting for an A in that class, just looking to pass!

In my night class the tech guys found out they were getting their first tech class next term. When I say tech guys I normally refer to MY tech guys from my class. These are not my tech guys. Well once they got their schedules (I should get mine tomorrow) they asked me about the class and what to expect. I felt so good. I'm a senior tech guy at school now, I have my cert, and they are just starting on theirs! I answered their questions, and reassured them if they do the work it will be easy. Just do the work, because those tech classes are grueling! They are lucky because they are night students, and when they take their tech courses that is all they take. I had to take my tech courses (which are two periods long as a day student) AND my other classes! So they should be able to focus more on their IT classes.

So yeah, was kind of a Hodgepodge kind of day. ;) peace

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Songs of Sunday

Tonight it's about songs from X's. I dunno why, just thought I would share. And thanks to motimetostart on Twitter for figuring out the last song! I could not remember! Guess it wasn't that important. ;) peace

My ex Shane. He said I was always gonna be his last. Um, no, I dropped him like a bad habit when he cheated on me.

He (Shane) used to love to watch me dance to this song. So this was our "fast" song. :)

My slow song to my last ex. We actually danced to this in my apartment one night. Was a great moment when I sang it to him while holding him.

This is the song I couldn't remember, and should have (last ex). The Reason by Hoobastank. He dedicated this song to me, but he didn't change. I appreciated it though.

For a moment I thought I could change him, and thought I did. Well for a bit, I guess I did. He said I inspired him to change, and I honestly believe he tried.

I posted these songs, not because I still pine for these guys, I posted them because I was too good for them, and didn't realize it at the time. Think of it as self affirmation. ;) peace


Was such an awesome day! I volunteered to fix Veteran's computers. My friend at school, Cristy, volunteers at the local VFW, and put together this thing where we will tune up your PC for a $30 donation. Well including her, there was only 2 of us who showed up! So overwhelmed, but so loved it. I was rocking!

Listening to the older guys (which, none hit on me #refreshing! Although the older ladies did flirt :p) was so cool. Explaining to people what they needed to do to keep their machines up to date today, awesome. I just loved the whole day. I stayed late after Jessie left, and I'm so glad he stayed as long as he did. So picked his brain on a few things!

The most humbling part was when I pulled in to the parking lot, I kinda wanted to stay home and sleep, but when I pulled up, I saw a vet missing a leg, and my whole attitude changed! I was now gung ho, let's do this! I learned so much today, I got to practice all I learned in school, and meet so many interesting people. They kept calling themselves old! ha! It was just a Beautiful day. I'm so thankful Cristy asked me to be a part of it, and trusted me that I could actually work on these machines.

I tweeted earlier that I felt like somebody, and my "pervy ladies" said I always was (love them), but today, I actually felt like I was. I've never had a title, or been referred to as anything. Today, I was a tech guy. Not to sound vain, but I kinda swelled with pride when someone asked me if I was one "of the technicians". I got to say yes, yes I am. Y'all don't really know where I come from, but for a rez kid from South Dakota, that's a pretty big thing. :)

I'm actually really good at this tech stuff, I get it. I'm good at the customer service part too, it was difficult at first not using "jargon", but I got it down to where I could explain things to people so they understood. I had a former Commander of the VFW computer to work on. It was such an honor for me. He was so patient.

I b*tch about school a lot! I b*tch about a lot of stuff, but today I heard war stories that makes me into nothing but a b*tch! I am so blessed. Everything happens for a reason, and I am so grateful for today. ;) peace

Thursday, April 21, 2011

I love this!

"Weird Al" Yankovic - Perform This Way

Apparently Gaga wouldn't let him release it. If he had, all proceeds from the song would have went to the Human Rights Campaign. I like her music, but not her, and now I like her even less. Cow. I guess she's all about the HRC when it makes her look good.

And I have no idea why I called her a cow when there are so many other colorful adjectives out there! Anyways, have a good laugh and enjoy! ;) peace

UPDATE: Gaga has approved the parody! I'm sure it's the HRC donations at the end. For the record, Weird Al doesn't have to have her permission. He's just a class act who always ask the artist's permission first. I'm leaving the cow comment.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


I've been meaning to do another video, but whenever I get the right song in my head, I totally forget it when I have the time! That was one of my goals for this time off school. I really enjoy doing the vids, but they can be time consuming especially for me, I have to have them just right! ;) peace


;) peace

Do You have Pretty Feet???

LOL, um, ya know what? I will say yes. I've been told I have cute feet, not sure if that's the same as pretty. ;) peace

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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Today's Weather...

...was gorgeous! Perfect weather, not too hot! Spent the day with my cousin and nieces wandering around Old Sacramento. Plenty of eye candy!
So my best friend is back in Cali for a couple weeks and we finally decided on what we're going to do for our night out. It took some negotiating, but we've come to agreement. Going to go out to his local gay bar on Thursday night. Believe me, it took us a awhile to get there. He opened with a s*x club in SF, and I can't stand gay bars, so this is an okay medium. We could have planned something more fun, but I have a fundraiser I'm committed to on Saturday (volunteering my time as an IT guy to fix veteran's computers). Knowing this he pushed for Friday (because the bar will be more busy) but I need to be on my game Saturday morning. Plus I'd have to drive back an hour Saturday morning, and didn't want to do that. I said what about Saturday night but he's going to be at a family reunion. So Thursday night at the local gay dive it is! Actually works for me, there will be less people to deal with. It bugs me he won't even TRY and go to a straight bar/club/venue with me but I always do the gay stuff for him. Oh well, it's one night in many years, I can handle it. I'm a bit concerned about running into my ex there though. The last time I saw him was at this bar, trying to get him to push me or throw a first punch so I could whup his ass (he who swings first goes to jail). He's just as hood as I though, didn't happen. Long story behind that. Anyways, that's water under the bridge, and I'm sure I'll have a great time. Okay not great, but at least maybe I can make some money hustling the gays at pool. ;) peace


;) peace

Monday, April 18, 2011

It's all about the Eyes

Was at Panera earlier this evening, and an incredibly handsome, Asian, mixed dude came in with the prettiest eyes! They were almost silver, I have never seen that eye color before. He was good looking, but his eyes, wow. And then he got on his cell phone and started speaking Russian. Weird. Anyways, my muse for this post. ;) peace

BW Pics

It's cloudy out today, but I don't mind. Just chilling this week since it's spring break. I have an incredible urge to do my homework, but I'm at least going to go a couple of days being "school" free! ;) peace

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Songs of Sunday

I've been looking for one song that I can't remember! A song from an ex, dedicated to me (yeah, guess it really mattered), couldn't find it. So here is my alternate. Pat Green, Wave on Wave, love this song. ;) peace

Saturday, April 16, 2011


I know it's been a few days. Think of the opening credits of Glee when then they do a recap: *school bell* I did finish my math homework on time, and I'm pretty sure I aced the test. I had to dress up in a shirt & tie for school last week, and hated it, but enjoyed the compliments...even the ones from the girls. :) Hottie has been less annoying this past week and I've actually only had to interact with him like once. They day I dressed up, he whistled. There's this hot teacher on campus (in addition to HTT) that I find very attractive. He's an older, hairy, bear type, turns out his TWIN brother is my Math teacher! I also found out I'll have him second year in Networking. Score. This coming week is Spring Break, and yet I have homework. WTH? My best friend is in the area, from Boston, so at some point I'll be doing gay sh*t with him. *sigh* Oh well, it's his vacay and he's not comfortable in straight venues. He's talking a s*x club in SF. Um, the Castro is about my limit! Stoner Joshua has texted me more than a few times this week about whether I will be there next term or not. I assured him I will be but I will only be there for 3 classes so not sure how long I'll be on campus. I know he's getting nervous. Our first term we had 3 our of classes together and always sat next to each other. Spent a great day today with my nieces and nephew who are staying with my mom a couple days. They were bouncing off the walls so I went and bought them some games. We played Sorry for hours and I think I turned my niece (who is 6)into a gangsta. I was focusing on "you play to win, and take no prisoners, and show no emotion". After losing a couple games she blurts out "I'm playing with no emotions, if you win, you win!" then looks at her sister (who is 11) "sorry sissy, but it's on". LOL! Of course my mom is giving me admonishing looks, but I told her I'm teaching my niece valuable life lessons that will help her in the future. I don't think she bought it. Then my nephew (who is 14) and I made a "dirty alliance" (his words) and took the baby out! Then high fived while she glared at us. My mom may not let me back in her apartment. All in all it was a great day, and I enjoy being the Uncle that rocks! As the six year old put it.

And that's what you missed!
;) peace

Monday, April 11, 2011


I so messed up at school today. I read my syllabus wrong, and I have 4 weeks worth of math homework due...Wednesday! Crikey! (that's for Leccy) Matt, however, will tutor me tomorrow and I'm sure I'll get it all done. I only have one class tomorrow but I'm going to cut it, because that's the only time Matt has available to sit with me. I'm not too worried, I always make it work! ;) peace

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Songs of Sunday

I heard this on the radio tonight, I kind of have a thing for Adam Levine. Maroon 5-Misery. ;) Peace

Friday, April 8, 2011


Sorry, been a minute since I've blogged. The tech studying took a lot of my time this past week. I am happy to say, I am certified as a tech support guy! :) I passed my final cert today! Finally! So to celebrate this feat, it's all about Beautiful! ;) peace

Sunday, April 3, 2011


If you like Sexy Middle Eastern Guys, then check these fellas out. They are funny, cute, and hot. Win win. ;) peace

Songs of Sunday

Alanis Morissette-You Oughta Know. This ties in with my random memory post. ;) peace

Random Memory

My best friend, of well over 2 decades, is coming to visit in a couple weeks. He fell in love on Facebook and moved to Boston. Idiot. The love has soured and now he's stuck in the relationship without the means to get out. My "I told you so" was drawn out and to the bone. Don't worry, we're that close where we don't take that stuff seriously. :)

Years ago, we were on a road trip to Vegas. I had just bought Alanis Morisette's Jagged Little Pill and was listening to it over and over. I was the driver the driver gets to choose the music. Well he decided that he had enough of Alanis and ejected the tape. I politely asked him to put it back in the deck to which he said some profanity I will not repeat here. So I uh, sped up, yeah...I mean he has a fear of dying in a car and I wasn't getting my way. He tried to call my bluff but I kept going faster and faster. By this time he is screaming at me to slow down I calmly reply "put the tape back in" he says something like "do you want to be responsible for my death, do you want that on your head". I calmly reply "If God uses me as instrument to take you be it". He just stared at me. He put the tape back in, I slowed down, and we started laughing our asses off! So that became one of our catch phrases to use when we put each others life in danger.

We also have Ford F150, which we use when we disagree on something. This is when the Ford F150 came out all curvy and modern. We both spot it on the road at the same time, he says that's ugly WHILE I'm saying cool truck...we look at each other and go ew! (for disagreeing with each other I guess) and just start laughing. Then there is Chocolate Dougnut, that's when you are taking something that's mine. We had taken a road trip up to Oregon to visit my brother. Small town with limited night life, but we decided to hit one of the local bars anyways since it was a Friday night. We each had a doughnut we picked up on the trip and he decided to eat his. I told him he should wait, because there won't be a lot of options to eat once the bar closes, because it's such a small town. Well he's always been um, fluffy, so he didn't listen to me and ate his before we went out. When we got in that night we sat down facing each other on our beds chatting about the night. I turn around to grab something out of my bag, and when I turn back around he has my doughnut in his mouth! Quicker than I thought I could move, I smack it out of his mouth! His eyes are big as plates, and we both at the same time, turn our heads to look at the wall where the chocolate doughnut had hit. Dead silence. We turn back to face each other and fall back on our beds laughing our asses off! I told him not to eat my doughnut! I don't even like sweets, but the point was that it was mine! I think I ended up letting him eat it anyways. Ya know it being on the floor and all. :)

Or the time we were driving to San Jose, and in the middle of the convo he quits talking, his eyes get big and he just starts pointing. I was driving so I turn to my left and there is this 747 coming right at us. Well on the other side of us was the SJ airport, which he did not know about. I almost drove us off the road laughing so hard!! The time I was talking to him while driving (way before that stupid law) and it was a thunderstorm, and he told me lighting goes through cell phones, so I immediately threw my phone on to the floor of my car! I could hear him laughing all the way up to my seat. Ya know, 4 rubber tires and everything.

My favorite memory of all times, or at least the one that gets me laughing so I can't stop, is when he missed the 2nd to last stair and fell face first into his laundry and went OOMPH! And then he just laid there! LMFAO!! He was like 425lbs at the time, and it was like slow motion. I saw him start to go, but he was carrying a huge load of laundry with no basket, so I figured he'd fall in the clothes. Which he did. It was the delayed oomph and the fact he just didn't move for a couple seconds that had me on the floor! I was trying to ask him if he was okay, but I couldn't get the words out, and he was calling me every name in the book. OMG! I will never forget that oomph! LOL

When he comes back in a couple weeks he wants to go to SF, that's his only drawback. As the years went by I left the gay lifestyle because I didn't really have a lot in common with those who ONLY did gay things. Gay pride, gay bars, gay gay gay. He's only comfortable in a gay setting. So for him, and the 20+ years of friends, I'll nelly it up as best as I can for his vacation. ;) peace