Friday, June 17, 2011


Like I shared with my Tweeps on Twitter!
What a week! In a nutshell, I was in danger of not passing my math class, this in turn would have prevented me from moving on to 2nd year with the guys. Putting me off until October to start 2nd year! I had to pass my final tonight. Not only did I pass it, I got a a 98%!! ME?! An A, on a math test?! Never! I seriously do not think I've ever got an A on a math test. So I am extremely relieved, and a bit emotional. There's a lot behind passing my first year. I'm not good at committing to things, which is why I have credits from like 4 different colleges, and have lived in MOST of the Western states this side of the Mississippi river. So to buckle down, and actually complete my first year with an impressive GPA, wow. I'm a bit proud of me.

Thanks to all who have given me such support. I appreciate the "you're smart, Leo" comments, but uh, I don't know. I struggled! lol Now I can show ya how to hustle on the street and turn .50 cents into a dollar, but academic smarts? I'm not sure, street smarts yeah. In any case, first year is over, I'm exhausted from being so tense this week, and not to mention today. I studied for like 5 hours today! Paid off though. So it's time for Beautiful, you normally would get Joseph Sayers on such a milestone event, but I'm too tired to Google any recent pics. :) Oh, and I want to leave you with how I lost 2 points. y= .5 + 2.55 SHOULD HAVE read y= .5x + 2.55 LOL! Isn't that B.S.? I wanted to argue, but uh, I kept my mouth shut, and was just grateful I passed!

Oh to make the ending of my first year even better, I'm spending it with my cuz in S.F. tomorrow! woot woot! Enjoy! ;) peace


  1. You should be proud of yourself. You have worked really hard. I knew you could do it! *hugs*

  2. I'm really happy for you, Leo. I know you worked really hard this past year. Good luck with 2nd year and job hunting.

  3. You sound so hyped. There's a little person inside me going, "yeah, way to go!" So, I might as well say it ... Yeah! Way to go!