Sunday, June 19, 2011

BW Pics

So I start 2nd year this coming week. So happy to get to the "meat" of IT. It's all about networking, and active directories, and more! The only downside is I have to go a full day on Saturdays! For a year!

So um, today was my last "free" Saturday, and I spent it with my cuz in San Francisco! I had so much fun. We saw a couple of movies (Ryan Reynolds half naked in the Green Lantern, so worth the ticket price!), we also saw Bridesmaids. I laughed so hard! I recommend both, well for different reasons, but both are good movies. Had a great lunch and dinner, and just enjoyed being away from Sacramento. No homework, no studying, just free time.

The weather in SF was great, overcast and cool. Loved it! So, that's my inspiration for BW Pics. Oh, and also, a certain follower on Twitter kept bugging me to blog. ha! I always have a muse. Hope everyone had a great weekend! ;) peace

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  1. I'm glad you had a great day. Good luck with 2nd year, although I know you won't need it. :)