Tuesday, June 21, 2011


It was hot AF today! I like the AF, learned it from Twitter, I actually don't have to curse, it's implied.

My first class of my second year went well. Virtual computing. Hot Tech Teach was my instructor, of course he had to say something about me 30 seconds into the class! The guys from my class know this, but the other guys in the class gave me strange looks. Oh well, it's only 6 weeks.

Seating arrangements were ideal. Matt sits next to me and Howard and Jesse sit across from me with Neal in the middle. Neal has a Texas accent, love accents.

Didn't understand everything, but I'm optimistic I'll get it.

So since it was hot, we going with Hotness on this post! Enjoy! ;) peace

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  1. Hon, it won't take you long to understand it all. Plus, you've got your guys there. You can all work together. I look forward to hearing about your new adventures with HTT. ;)