Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Powwow Songs

This may be a duplicate as I don't clear out my YT queue to often. If so, it's still worth watching. Today was the first day of my new term. My class was Ethics, and I'm looking forward to the class. Not sure what happened though, I thought it was basically going to be my tech class in there, but there was only 6 of us in there along with the rest of the class. Nice to see new faces though. Thursday we start our Active Directory class, also looking forward to that. Not sure about the car situation. I know I need to give my cousin's Corolla back soon, but my bro said he's lend me his Neon until I got my own car. Hoping for the best. Hope everyone is having a great week! ;) peace


  1. New faces can be good. Hopefully some of those new faces are cute. ;)

  2. This is beautiful.
    I remember someone Tweeted, I think it was Ms_Ivy or you, about how Native America was dieing.
    I think you should save it.
    Excuse my language but this is some real mother fucking shit!
    This can't be lost because this is part of our human history whether you are white, black, mexican (especially mexican because we forget or we have been programmed to forget that we also have native american roots) or asian.

    I wish I could go to an even like this.