Saturday, September 24, 2011


So Summer is officially over! Yay! I'm so sick of the heat, and with no car, walking in the heat has sucked, but I do it 'cause ish needs to get done. :)

Life is good, school is going strong and I'm keeping up. I got a bit lazy last term, but this term I'm trying to stay ahead of the game. The 2nd year started with 21 of us tech guys, we are now down to 13. 3 of my original 10 and 6 of my original first tech class which had 22. So yeah, it's grueling and weeds those out who can't handle it. Not saying I can, just saying I'm still here...barely.

With Summer being over (today was actually a cool day) that means more guys wearing jeans. :( Which means I won't be seeing as many hot legs as I normally would. So tonight I wanted to share some hot legs. Hope everyone is having a great weekend! ;) peace

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  1. Hon, you're still there and you can make it! I have faith in you. *hugs*