Thursday, December 15, 2011


Tonight's class was a lot of fun. We are supposed to study for our MS Certs, but we rarely do. First we study a program called Self Test that my school makes us pass with a 95 or better, and THEN we take the actual Microsoft exam for our certification. Right now I'm studying for my Active Directory cert, there will be a total of 3 we need to take before we graduate. After that we are sys admins (System Administrators,well on paper, but in RL we will need experience) and Microsoft Certified IT Professionals or MCITPs. :)

Well tonight, we pretty much just joked around and talked about geeky, nerdy thing, which tech guys do. I just enjoy hanging with them and just being me. No labels, no pretense, just a nerd, haha, and a ditzy one at that. OMG how I made it this far in life is beyond me. I keep the guys rolling, because I guess I say the most odd, ditziest things sometimes, LOL. Although tonight, it wasn't just me, me and a friend were helping our buddy with a problem, so I took control of his computer to solve the issue and he blurted out "OMG, you can drag and drop? All this time I've been using those stupid arrows!" LOL (had to be there) in any case, I looked at my friend and said "and you call me the ditzy one" to which he replied "oh you are, most definitely", lol. Oh well, I have my moments, but I hold my own with them all when it comes to the tech stuff. :)

No muse tonight for the posting, just been awhile since I did a tats post. Enjoy! ;) peace

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