Thursday, January 12, 2012

iPhone Men

Tonight was a good night in class, I love my guys, we just laugh, and there is no pretense, and no judging! Who knew being a nerd could be so cool? Haha! My next tech class is Exchange Server 2007, I'm very excited, the thing is...I'm not really sure why. Ha! I'm not really a Windows Server 2008 kinda guy I guess, those were my last 3 classes, but I will study for my certs though. Exchange 2007, yeah...looking forward to that.

My muse for tonight's iPhone Men post is a friend who got his iPhone 4G S, or something like that. I'm not a fan of Apple, so I had to boo, hiss him. Hehe, but all in good fun.

I hope you all are having a great week, and tomorrow is Friday for those of you who work (well I guess for all of us) . I'm going to work out tomorrow morning with my friend, then head to another friend's house to study, and do some Kinetic X-Box game where I gotta dubstep, lol, good times. ;) peace

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