Friday, February 3, 2012


Soooo, yesterday on campus I ran into the cute guy from last week who always used to stare at me, but finally talked to me. He seems to be getting more comfortable in approaching me, I'm cool with that. I noticed he had beautiful lips, LOL, if you are a regular follower you know I'm about the legs, but something about his lips, yum. Oh, and he also has nice legs. :)

Was a good class last night, me and the guys divvied up the roles for our final Exchange project. I'm looking forward to us working as a group and bringing it all together. We are up against two other teams, we got this!

Making some food, then headed to campus and studying for the day, I'm caught up but would like to get a bit ahead in my Exchange Server class. Happy Friday to you all! ;) peace


  1. Gotta admit 'crotch cam' gave me a giggle.

    1. LOL, that pic got the most responses on Twitter. Haha, it's hot. ;) peace