Saturday, February 25, 2012


I didn't go to class this morning because a couple of my friends weren't going to be there, leaving just me and another person to work on our group project. Well yesterday I found out one guy was going to go after all, and him I believed. Then my other friend texted me last night saying he was going to class this morning, him I didn't believe, lol. So anyways, they both showed up and let's say the hate texts starting coming in! "Lazy Leo, you're holding us up!" "You should be ashamed!" "You have failed us!" LOL!!

Hot Tech Teach always teases/flirts with me, even more so knowing I won't have him for anymore classes and I'm graduating this year. In our first tech courses we were bombarded with acronyms, hundreds of them it feels like! And we had to know them, they were part of our homework, in our quizzes, tests, mid-terms, and finals. Well that was well over a year ago, and I've pretty much forgotten most of them. Lately HTT will, in the middle of lecture, ask me what so and so acronym means. Haha, just out of the blue, and most of them I've been getting right. It's funny, breaks up the lecture, the guys get a chuckle out of our banter if I'm not sure of what it is. So it wasn't really a surprise this morning when my cell rang and it was from my friend, but when I answered it was HTT on the other line asking me what SMTP means...oh and I was on speaker phone! LOL! I could hear the guys in the background laughing, I was half asleep and said "You're interrupting my sleep, haha, jerks!" and then I hung up. I love my tech classes!

Trying to be productive and get my History homework caught up, had to change spots at the library. Was a hot guy who was distracting. Haha and once he knew he had my attention, well it got a lot more distracting with the glances. And noooo I didn't go talk to him, I gotta focus on school. LOL Okay I'm too chicken. Hope your weekend is going great! ;) peace

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