Saturday, March 10, 2012


The last couple days have been great school wise. I've studied with the guys, wrote my first Powershell script, and today in class everyone thought I was from Mars because I didn't know what a mad-lib was, lol. I really like writing script, but it's so tedious! You can leave out ONE symbol, and the script will not run! That part is frustrating, but when the guys help, and we go line by line through my code, that helps finding the problem a lot easier. I do the same for them. Tomorrow we have another study session. :)

So my muse for tonight's post is the hot cook at Panera, I'm not sure you can even call them cooks, because they just make sandwiches, and pour soup in a cup, or bowl. Anyways, he's cute, pretty eyes, nice legs and we make eye contact a lot, but he is soooo straight. I think. Other wise why would we make eye contact a lot? Unless he wants to like gay bash me, but um, I don't think so. I'm rez. Ain't going down like that. Well tonight he came in and it must have been his day off because he wasn't dressed for work, and he had shorts and a tee on. I noticed he had tattoos. I'm not a big tattoo person, but whatev, to each their own. Leccy likes Tattoos! LOL
He sat a couple tables away from me with his friend, and we kept glancing at each other, but since I can't read him, I eventually just ignored him. That's how I operate! haha!

Hope your weekend is going well. ;) peace

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  1. lol thanks Leo! Leccy just likes hot guys, simple as that. Not that I'm complaining about this lot or anything :-)