Thursday, May 17, 2012


Was a long day, most of it spent on buses and trains to and from campus. Takes a couple hours, but I don't mind. I had one guy on the bus hit on me, and I was like not into it because I was sleepy and cranky! Haha, I had to shut him down, but for the record I politely shut him down before I had to ghetto shut him down!

I ran into Hottie on campus, had a good visit. He's looking even hotter, he's filling out, seems taller too. Still an arrogant butt head, but didn't annoy me too bad.

My workout friend lost his job, so it looks like we are back to working out! Yay! I'll stick to the schedule this time. :) Hope you enjoy your Friday. ;) peace

1 comment:

  1. You shut down bus guy? In the books that I read, he'd be the love of your life and am eccentric millionaire who enjoys public transportation. He could've been your sugar daddy in disguise! ;)