Saturday, July 28, 2012

iPhone Men

So we are into the final stretch of school for me before I graduate. Also the final run on my unemployment benefits. So of course, the way my life works, they'll both end about the same time and I have no job. LOL Am I stressing? Not really, I mean I'm concerned, for sure, but I just have a feeling everything will work out. It has so far. I have a couple of good job leads this coming week. One is in IT, and the other is being a waiter at a local restaurant. Haha. There are pros and cons to both positions. The IT position is in a city I would have a very difficult time in trying to get to. Plus the hours might change after a few weeks and I'll be stranded outside of my suburban bubble after the buses stop. It doesn't pay much, but the experience alone would be wonderful.

The waiter position is within walking distance, and I would need to make just $32 in tips to make what I'd be making what the IT position pays, (after minimum wage)CA is a min. wage plus tips state. Also, and more importantly, the waiter position would be a varied schedule, so that would free up time for me to study for my Microsoft Certifications. I have 3 to get, and that's the whole reason I went to school was for those certs to be a Network Administrator. So, we shall see what happens this week.

I keep looking at the calendar though. LOL It's hard to focus on my last class, which is stats, lawd to fail a class at this stage would be horrible.

It'll work out, something will happen for me soon job wise. No muse for today's post, other than I've been neglecting putting hot men up. Enjoy! ;) peace

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  1. good luck with your last class!
    u r almost done!

    i'm not in such a great place economically speaking
    i missed two weeks of work bc i went to see my sick grandma (see blog posts) and i won't get paid until the middle of next month bc of the way the pay cycle is

    this sucks
    i had to sell my tv to get food and gas money

    good luck with everything! i hope it works out for both of us