Sunday, September 30, 2012

Songs of Sunday

Pink - Blow Me (One Last Kiss). As most of you know, I don't have a car so I haven't listened to the radio in like 8 months! Well this past week on my uber long public transit commute to and from work, I decided to listen to the radio on my phone. This is one of the first songs I heard, I love it! I have to admit, that the 30 mins or so that I listened to the radio, all the songs were new to me. It was actually kind of refreshing, you know how radio music can get old quick.

Work is going great, I like what I do, it's not very challenging which is what I want while I study for my MCITP. I've have received positive feedback from the truckers, co-workers, and management. AND rumor has it I may be in line for a permanent supervisor position! That would be awesome! It's not IT, but if I get my foot in the door I could always transfer to their IT department once I get my certs done. So we'll see, right now I just want to save up for a car. I got my first paycheck in 3 years on Friday. Haha, that was a weird, but most humbling feeling.

Sorry for the lack of posts, but my day starts at 6a.m. and I get home around 9:30p.m. so blogging may be something I want to do, but my body and mind may have other plans! Haha! Hope every one has a great week, tomorrow is my day off. I love having a week day off. ;) peace

Saturday, September 22, 2012

I survived!

Yesterday I completed my first week of work in 3 years! I'm exhausted,LOL. I actually really like the job, and the people. It's just the hours on the bus and train, and then all the walking that is killing me. I walk two miles from work to catch my bus, and I walk about a mile in the mornings to catch my bus to work. My unemployment money ran out a couple weeks ago, but I have some great virtual friends who have helped me out with my bus and train fares. I'm so grateful for them. It sucks because my own family ignore my calls and texts asking if I can borrow some money so I can get to work, but oh well, I'm still making it work. Not my parents BTW, they don't have anything to help me out with, but like my cousins and stuff. I think it's sad that people I have never met are more supportive and reliable than my own family. So next week I start my new schedule of T-SA and I'm excited because for working on Saturdays, they feed you! Haha. I'm not sure what yet, but it is a grocery company so who knows (think Deli department). I pretty much got the job down, I'd say I'm about 95% there. I've received nothing but praise (and a little surprise) about my job performance. What can I say, show me something once and I'll get it, unless it's math! :p I think one the trainers got a little irritated with me because I don't really need him anymore. Plus, I showed him how to do something in the system, hey I am an IT guy. Give me one sec to go read my last post because I'm not sure if I've told you about this part of my day; in the meantime enjoy this.
Back! Okay I didn't. Sooo, I start my day getting picked up and dropped off for work, at a Mc'Donalds, well not AT but you know what I mean, where the bus stops are located. Food, bad. Wi-Fi good. I was worried on how I would DL my shows, since I get off so late and the club house is closed by the time I get home. Yes, still no internet at home. Well the Mc'Ds has a fast Wi-Fi and I can DL my shows! woo hoo! It's weird, when I started this blog my posts were really long, but I felt like the last few years it's mostly just been eye candy. Hmmm, maybe because I have things to blog about now, I feel all wordy! Haha, but you still get eye candy. Enjoy! ;) peace

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


So today was my 2nd day on my new job. Totally not what I thought I was going to be doing, but I really like it! I'm a dispatcher for a grocery store distribution company! Haha! I love it, I route truckers and trucks all day. You may think they are one and the same but no, I have to dispatch and route different TYPES of trucks; like a reefer. Haha, a refrigerated truck, oh yeah... I'm learning the lingo. :)

The people I work with are funny, and it seems like a close family. I've impressed the truckers by putting out fires for them, and making their drop offs and pick ups a little easier. The cool thing is, they have to go where I say. Haha. I'm still nice to them though, and I try to accommodate them as best as I can. Some guys don't like certain routes, so I take that into consideration. It's a long day though. 5 hours on the buses and trains, I start my day at 6 a.m. and I'm home around 9:30 p.m., exhausted. So this blog post is really a triumph for me because I'm hecka sleepy! But I wanted to touch base with y'all. :)

The thing is, no hot truckers! LOL I thought I would like get some eye candy, but no, and I'm okay with that. Easier to learn while I'm in training. I've really picked it up though, they left me at the dispatch desk alone on my first day. :) Today a couple of the truckers told my boss how great I was, and how I really helped them out, so I was very happy with that. It's a different environment that's for sure, a bit crude, but hey...they are truckers. The only draw back is the commute, but hopefully I can save for a car, it doesn't pay much, but I'm hoping I can get something in a few weeks. Then it would be the perfect shift, 10-6:30, I can study for my certs in the morning, and get home in time to DL my shows, which I can't do now. It's a tiring day, 5 buses and 2 trains total in my commute.

On the last leg of my journey home, the mile I have to walk from the bus stop to where I live, I felt a bit down. I felt very tired, and kind of dejected, but I'm also very grateful to have a job. A cool job, with nice people, so that makes me feel better. I'll get used to the routine soon, I know I will. For now I have no time for myself, or much of anything else, wake up, go to work, come home, go to bed, and do it all over again. It's all good though. I have a great boss, cool people to work with, and the truckers make me laugh because they are all so different! From grumpy to being a total optimistic, which I like because I try to be that also.

I'm blessed. Hope you are all doing great, and I will try and post more often. Enjoy the rest of your WORK week. As will I, it's been a long time since I have. ;) peace

Friday, September 14, 2012


I got a job. I start Monday, it's 2.5 hours each way on public transit, but it's a job. I'm so relieved. It's not in my field, aka degree, but I'm just so happy to be working again. It's been 3 years since I've been out of work. I hope it works out, it's a temp position, but it's a 6 week project so I think I can qualify for unemployment after that if I need to. If so then I can study for my Microsoft certs. You do what you gotta do to survive. :)

Also, I think I'm going back to Twitter, not now, but maybe later. I've had so many people reach out to me when they found out I quit Twitter. I was really surprised at how many people care about me, worry about me, and wanted to stay in contact with me. I guess if you think you don't mean something to people you have never met, as in social media, then you should rethink that; I'm sure you probably do. I'm humbled. :)

I'm going to have some very long days, up at 6 a.m. back by 10 p.m. but I can do it, I have no choice. And it won't be too bad, my cousin is looking for a new car, and I can use his old one wants he gets the new one. So I may not have the those super long days for the duration of the project. :)

I told myself the next Beautiful post I do, will be when I got a job, so here it is....long overdue! Haha. I hope you are all doing great. ;) peace

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Songs of Sunday

Can You Save Me - Flint Eastwood. It's the theme song for Covert Affairs, which is a show I just now caught up on. I liked hearing it as the opening credits were displayed, so of course I had to go and get the full version. I like the hook, or is it the chorus? In any case I love it when she sings "Can you saaaaaaaave me..." LOL

So what's new with me? Nothing. haha. Still job searching. I had a very promising interview with a recruiter on Friday, and I'm excited, because she seems like she really wants to get me out there and working. Not in the IT field, but work is work and I'm broke. My roomie seems pretty cool, I paid what I could on my rent, but I know everyone has their limits of being understanding.

Went car shopping with my cousin today, he didn't get what he wanted, but he's going to keep looking. The cool thing is when he gets one, I get to drive his current auto. It's a Blazer, not like I care...wheels!! So hopefully that will happen in the next couple weeks. Would be so nice to have that independence again. I feel very optimistic for this week, like I really, really do!! :)

Oh, and I also closed my Twitter account, or as they say on Twitter, I committed Twittercide. It hasn't even been 24hrs, but I'm not missing it too much. I think I'm going to try and make friends here in Sacto. I need a life now that school is over. And honestly I kind of created the Twitter account when I started school, so that I'd have a place to vent out my frustrations, or accolades when it came to my classes. Now that school is over, I'm rethinking my Twitter persona. I may create another one and this time concentrate on people more local in my area.

So that's it folks, sorry for the delay between posts, I'm just really stressed, but like I mentioned; I feel really optimistic about this week. Hopefully next post will bear some good news. Hope you all have a great week! And hope you like the song. ;) peace