Saturday, September 22, 2012

I survived!

Yesterday I completed my first week of work in 3 years! I'm exhausted,LOL. I actually really like the job, and the people. It's just the hours on the bus and train, and then all the walking that is killing me. I walk two miles from work to catch my bus, and I walk about a mile in the mornings to catch my bus to work. My unemployment money ran out a couple weeks ago, but I have some great virtual friends who have helped me out with my bus and train fares. I'm so grateful for them. It sucks because my own family ignore my calls and texts asking if I can borrow some money so I can get to work, but oh well, I'm still making it work. Not my parents BTW, they don't have anything to help me out with, but like my cousins and stuff. I think it's sad that people I have never met are more supportive and reliable than my own family. So next week I start my new schedule of T-SA and I'm excited because for working on Saturdays, they feed you! Haha. I'm not sure what yet, but it is a grocery company so who knows (think Deli department). I pretty much got the job down, I'd say I'm about 95% there. I've received nothing but praise (and a little surprise) about my job performance. What can I say, show me something once and I'll get it, unless it's math! :p I think one the trainers got a little irritated with me because I don't really need him anymore. Plus, I showed him how to do something in the system, hey I am an IT guy. Give me one sec to go read my last post because I'm not sure if I've told you about this part of my day; in the meantime enjoy this.
Back! Okay I didn't. Sooo, I start my day getting picked up and dropped off for work, at a Mc'Donalds, well not AT but you know what I mean, where the bus stops are located. Food, bad. Wi-Fi good. I was worried on how I would DL my shows, since I get off so late and the club house is closed by the time I get home. Yes, still no internet at home. Well the Mc'Ds has a fast Wi-Fi and I can DL my shows! woo hoo! It's weird, when I started this blog my posts were really long, but I felt like the last few years it's mostly just been eye candy. Hmmm, maybe because I have things to blog about now, I feel all wordy! Haha, but you still get eye candy. Enjoy! ;) peace

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