Friday, November 16, 2012


Been awhile since I posted some hot guys. Everything is still the same here. Looking for a job closer to home, still doing the long public transit commute, and basically just surviving. Haha! Oh well, life could be worse. I got a ride home tonight though, so that's a good thing! Every minute counts when you have long days. Things will be changing with my job, changes that I can't go along with because my shift will change, and public transit won't get me to work on time. So after the New Year it looks like I won't have a job, so I'm hoping I can get unemployment OR find another job before then. Other than that, life is good. Hope you all had a great week, I have one more day to go before my days off! ;) peace

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  1. you should see if your school can help you get a job or maybe try asking your former professors for any ideas

    good luck!