Tuesday, April 16, 2013


So today I went back to the doctor to get my lab results. I go once a year to check for cholesterol, sugar, blood pressure, all that stuff. Well I am healthy, like way healthy! I told my doc I don't understand why that is because I eat so much fast food. He said I have good genes, and not to push it! lol

So then later I got back on my trip of feeling bad because I haven't found a job, still no car, and basically just feeling down about my life. And then it hit me, I got a clean bill of health. At my age, I'm no spring chicken (just look like one), I'm healthy. How many people in the U.S. can say that? So I told myself to shut up. Yes, I wish things were better in my life, I wish I had "material" things, but (and not to be cliche) I have my health. And for that I am grateful. I hope you are having a great week. Today is my Saturday. ;) peace

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