Thursday, June 27, 2013

Things that make me cry.

But in a good way. Proud to love. I've only seen a few of these videos, the "It could happen to you" I posted on here. YouTube's gay pride video. ;) peace

I love it!

She sums it up, perfectly! LOL ;) peace

Wednesday, June 26, 2013


I'm a horrible blogger! Sorry, it's been awhile I know! I'll catch you up real quick, but more DOMA; and Prop 8 was overturned! As a person who lives in California, I always felt that we should have been one of the first states to approve gay marriage. But then again we did elect the Terminator as our Governor. For the record, I was living out of state when that happened! lol While I'm looking for a job, I am also studying for my MCITP. Let me tell you getting back into studying mode, after almost a year after graduating, my head hurts. Haha, but I'm slowly comprehending everything again. I'm excited to get back into tech stuff. Speaking of, I got an internship! I figure while I'm off and job searching, I'll do a part time internship to get some hands on IT experience. I'm the new IT guy for a non-profit that helps veteran with PTSD. I could have applied at a big name tech company, but I wanted a non-profit, kind like giving back to the community. So I start next Monday, and I'm very excited. I have 4 days to read my Active Directory text book from cover to cover! LOL It's not that big of a book. TheIT guy did ask me if I was familiar with it, and when I told him I'm actually studying for the cert, he said it was exactly what he wanted to hear. :) Um, let's see what else, that's about it. Oh I went to traffic court for a speeding ticket I got back in March. I couldn't afford the ticket, so the judge put me on a payment plan, so that was good news! OOOOHHH! And I got another Samsung Galaxy S3! Remember how I got one back in Dec. and then dropped it a week later, and it wasn't insured. Yes, ugh! Well I got a really good deal, so I got the phone a couple days ago. I love it! I could have got the S4, but the extra perks, weren't worth the money. It was mostly web surfing tools, but I don't usually surf the web on my phone. So that's it, hope everyone is well, and I'll try and post more often! ;) peace

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Turn Around

Went downtown today, just for a change of scenery from the suburbs. Was nice, had a good lunch, did some window shopping, and checked out. LOL At first I was like, mmm okay, but then like there were a lot of gay men downtown today. I just thought the number of gay guys was a lot. Turns out there was a gay pride event a few blocks away from the mall I was at. LOL That explained it! So there was a lot of turning around today. Haha. Hope you're enjoying your weekend! ;) peace

Thursday, June 13, 2013


I found these random pics on my lappy. I'm not sure why I collected them, they're not labeled for any of my posting categories. LOL So I'll post them, and then I can delete them. Well I definitely know why I got The Wanted pics! They are so hot! And they're shirtless! Also, does anyone know who the guy in the 3rd pic is? He looks familiar. Enjoy! ;) peace

No Words.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Songs of Sunday

It has been forever since I posted a Songs of Sunday post! Haha. I keep forgetting. Well to make it a true Songs of Sunday, here are some Madonna remixes of Girl Gone Wild which I really like. Which is your fave? I'm leaning towards the Offer Nissim mix, 2nd vid. Hope you had a great weekend, I'm excited to see what the coming week has in store for me. ;) peace

Friday, June 7, 2013

No Words.


Wow it's been almost a week. Well I'm on vacation. LOL My roomie left for a week, he'll be back tomorrow, so I've just enjoyed having the place to myself. I watched the first season of Revolution, and the first season of Orphan Black. Both are great shows I highly recommend!

Not sure what happened with the interview, recruiter never called me to reschedule. I had an unemployment insurance benefits interview though. Looks like I will qualify for benefits, should know next week. So that's a good thing. Hopefully I'll get them while I look for a new job.

It's HOT today, like 104! My roomie doesn't like to use the A/C (cheap) but it's on today! Fo sho! The muse for today's post is, the job interview I thought I had, and the unemployment bennies I MIGHT get. LOL Enjoy your weekend! ;) peace

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Famous People

Robert Buckley. I'm having a 666 Park Avenue marathon today, and he is just so cute! In this show he reminds me of Justin Timberlake tho. It sucks they canceled this show. If you get a chance watch it, it's all about the supernatural and good vs. evil. I'm watching the last epi now.

Roomie went out of town until next weekend! Woo hoo! So I'm enjoying having the place to myself and relaxing. Not much new on the job front, still looking, and I have an interview next week. I don't know when, it was scheduled for Tuesday but then I was told they were going to reschedule. It's not in IT tho, but a job is a job.

Hope your day is going great. ;) peace