Sunday, July 7, 2013

Songs of Sunday

Steve Grand: All-American Boy. I love this song! It's a country song, and Steve is an out country singer. I mean as a country song, it's exactly like all the other great country music I listen to. Not to mention Steve is very easy on the eyes! LOL I hope he really gets his career going, he has talent! If you want to buy the song, please help him out here. 
He doesn't have a label yet!

The internship is going well, I'm looking into maybe another one with a bit more to do. This is a small office, so IT wise there isn't an awful lot to do, but I'm definitely learning new stuff. I do like sitting with the guys and talking nerdy tech stuff, reminds of when I was in school. LOL

Hope everyone has a great week, I'm still plugging away studying for my MCITP. I'm amazed at how I just "get" some of this stuff. :) peace

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  1. I'm stealing this video from you!